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How is everyone feeling about RB now that we are about halfway thru the year. 


Many people have always been set on going RB heavy and early, since the dawn of fantasy football, and cannot be talked out of it.....


Now the league is moving more passer orientated, and the results have benefited both WR and QB. 


If you were to draft today, how many RBs would go in the first? 3? 4? Charles/Mccoy/Ap/Forte?


I think if a draft were held today it would go something like




That doesnt seem to outlandish for me. maybe mix in a few lynch/bush/marshall/foster in there...Maybe..



I think Im pretty much sold on taking RB late, and hoping to hit on one...... 

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I'd say much the same as CF4L. Although I like to keep around 5 teams going for the season, I usually go RB if I pick top 5-6 (curse you CJ Spiller). I tend to go RB in the 1st, and pick a QB or a WR in the 2nd and whatever I dont pick up in the 2nd I pick up in the 3rd. And in the 4th, either Jimmy Graham or Tony G was usually still awaiting my pick.

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