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i have not heard much about this year's madden.  anyone know what the new features/changes will be?


I play a lot of sports games.  NHL has EASHL (EA Sports Hockey League) which is an online superstar mode where you create a player and only control ur guy while playing online with 11 others.  FIFA has the same thing with 11 v 11.  When is Madden going to get a mode like that??  they have 3 on 3 online but you dont use ur created player...

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Haven't heard much either... I know that they have the new gen systems coming out and I'm definitely going to get one when they do, as well as madden, but Iast years madden was AWEFUL... so I'm not really that excited, but still being able to battle my friends online is what keeps me coming back...


"Improving" the running is something I had seen in NCAA, and looks like will be more in depth in madden, and I'm not excited about it... the running was awful as well, just too easy in the open field, which is fun don't get me wrong but, just way too cheesy...


bringing back sprint with r2/rt? and something with l2/lt so you can decelerate and cut... don't even know.. just hoping it's more in depth and the runner doesnt easily trip over people...


literally praying they bring back mini games... I'm excited but mehhhh madden is garbage.. sorry for whining

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