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  1. I get it both ways but I’ve always enjoyed that whole “act like you’ve been there before thing”
  2. Love this team and no real issues with anything or the coaching... but I was getting a little irritated watching them continue to run play action, knowing dang well we weren't running the ball, and taking longer doing that play fake than just dropping back.. I like coach and I think it will get better but grrrrr
  3. I've said it a few times and I mean no disrespect but I feel most of the refs are too old. Some look like they can't even move. Always felt like they should have younger refs
  4. 15 catches... but of those 15 catches it seems as if he was always making a big play. We all want health and I understand it’s like “dude, practice!”, but.. that’s the beauty of having the depth right now at TE, as well as 3 more weeks/games of preseason. I don’t understand the rush to drop guys, especially with the possibility they may end up going with 4 TE’s (I feel like you somehow have to keep Daniels which may just be that Fullback/blocking role/roster spot?). i just have a hard time... because I always say, it’s like sports fans expect their teams to win the battle at every position on every snap/possession, every single play of the game...and if they don’t and get beat and give up a play or make a mistake it’s “he sucks” or “cut him”, and sometimes you just have to give credit where it’s due to the other team. And I know this is about injury / Swoope missing practice so not trying to go off but I think it relates as far as the dramatic response to any and everything here, and not even only here as Colts fans, but as die hard fans in general, of any sport. It’s hard to win, at anything in life, and I think we are just spoiled as fans so I love the passion, but sometimes I just don’t understand what people want or expect. 3 more weeks of preseason and I’m excited to watch these 6 TE’s battle for the 3/4 spots.. better than whining about not having enough options..
  5. Wah wah boo hoo NONSTOP!!!
  6. My thoughts and opinions are my own, obviously.. you’re so PATHETIC in this thread, Nadine. Have a good day.
  7. Glad to see guys getting back to practice. I like our Inside backers and I’m not mad at who starts but I’m kind of liking Jeremiah George and his make-up. Fits the part
  8. I feel like the Colts make the most boneheaded mistakes out of any team in the league. I swear it's basic stuff most grow out of in HS ball.. no discipline
  9. Nice! Lovely area over there off of Tesoro. I'm right next to the lake out here. I love Castaic, except for all the traffic that's popped up the last couple years compared to how it used to be, and if there's an accident Northbound it's a mission just to get home! It's only gonna keep getting worse and worse with the houses they're gonna be building, but hey living in So Cal and out here where it's really nice, it's hard to complain, but that heat ohhhhh my..
  10. I planned on going until it seemed certain the last month or so Luck wouldn't play... I love the team but I'm fed up with all the bull cramp and I didn't want to go unless Luck was in the lineup. Sorry it didn't go better for you/is but hope you and the wife had a nice Sunday together, considering. Im also out in Santa Clarita.. up in Castaic and it fires me up seeing another colts fan in the area!
  11. some of the most pathetic people on here that always just sound like spoiled brats. it's boo hoo, about EVERYTHING!!!! even when we had it "good" it's the same cry baby, poor us attitude.
  12. Boo hoo here come the critical cry babies with their dumb opinions
  13. Lol all the boo hoo and Debbie downer attitudes/mindsets.. love the start of new seasons! "it's the practice field!! Yeah, that's it!!!" Oh brother
  14. Condolences, LJ. Keep your head up!! I wish I could say or do more to personally help you but just do your best to stay strong. Nothing but love to you and yours, my brother.
  15. When you look at GREAT players and how hard it is for them to win... I think that just shows exactly that, how hard it is to win... at anything, and at any level. Sunday night they were talking about McCarthy on SNF and possibility of being on hot seat and how with a QB like Rodgers you're expected to win.. and they got 1 but when you trip on it, it's like dang you really do think he'd win more... but yeah, it just goes to show you.. imagine players who never even get a shot... i get so mad mad cuz I'm used to winning but yeah I know we are just spoiled.. still hurts tho
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