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Post your Playoff team.


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Team Name. League. Record. And Main Lineup

Laces Out. Redraft Lg

No Return 8-5, 4th place



Spiller/C. Johnson/Greene/Jennings




League of Champions. Keeper lg.

No Return. 8-5. 2nd Place. 1st Rd bye.







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team name is my name so Ill keep it private

record 8-5 second place

8-man league



WR-calvin,demaryius thomas,wayne,steve johnson




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Not sure if I'm in the playoffs yet, but I'm projected to win and the guy who's 1 game ahead of me is projected to lose by 31 lol.

Discount Double Check

6-7 2nd place

10 man league

QB- Aaron Rodgers, GB

RB1- Ray Rice, BAL

RB2- Trent Richardson, CLE

WR1- Brandon Marshall, CHI

WR2- Greg Jennings, GB

TE- Owen Daniels, HOU

FLEX- Matt Forte, CHI

D/ST- Steelers

K- Stephen Gostkowksi, NE


Bench- Andrew Luck, IND

Bench- Dwayne Bowe, KC

Bench- Larry Fitzgerald, ARI

Bench- Anquan Boldin, BAL

Bench- Justin Blackmon, JAC

Bench- Reggie Bush, MIA

Bench- Beanie Wells, ARI

Bench- Fred Jackson, BUF

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Princeton Tigers(8-5)

QB(1):Andrew Luck

RB(4):Adrian Peterson,Alfred Morris,Donald Brown,Shonn Greene

WR(5):Stevie Johnson,Jeremy Maclin,Donnie Avery,Brian Hartline,Percy Harvin

TE(3):Dwayne Allen,Coby Fleener,Rob Gronkowski

K(1):Mason Crosby

D(1):Chicago Bears

White River Rapids(11-2)

QB(2):Peyton Manning,Ryan Fitzpatrick

RB(3)Ray Rice,DeMarco Murray,DeAngelo Williams

WR(5):Dez Bryant,Victor Cruz,Torrey Smith,Andre Roberts,Malcolm Floyd

TE(1):Dwayne Allen

K(1):Adam Vinatieri

D(2):Atlanta Falcons,Houston Texans

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Team Name = Mr. McGibblets

Record = 11 - 2

1st place in the 12 person PPR league

QB - Luck, Romo

RB - Rice, AP, Leshoure, Daryl Richardson

WR - Marshall, Garcon, Jordy, Antonio Brown, Kendall Wright, Danario Alexander

TE - Witten

D - Chargers

K - Barth

made a trade earlier in the season, before Luck was proven a good fantasy value, had Schaub at the time (gave Garcon for Romo; got Garcon back after he was dropped week 9ish)

Biggest regret of the season = drafted Randall Cobb in the last round of the draft, dropped him before season started for Russell Wilson, whom I do not have either anymore

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    • All teams have injuries, all fan bases thinks their team is the most affected.. There's at least 10 back up QBs starting right now..   Yes, this coaching staff is good, really good.   No, we will probably never have a entire season with all the top 22 playing 16 games, just like the other 32 teams, the reality.
    • I think we'd have 6 or 7 wins with Richardson. As I said, the only difference would be he'd have game experience by now and probably much more developed where we could make a playoff run in his rookie year. Maybe with Taylor healthy all year and playing we'd have 8 wins. We always seem to get the short end of the injury bug. 
    • Rooting for the Colts, but this is a trap game IMO. Taylor is out, we have never played Levis before and he will have motivation to try hard Vs us, The Titans are winless away but undefeated at home and they are playing at home. Grover is still out, and they have Derrick Henry who they will run down our throat.    I feel we will get kept off the field a lot with Henry on the field and Steichen will pass more than he should because Taylor is out.    Hope I'm wrong.
    • How is this injury-riddled band of ragamuffins 6-5?  Surely there are more talented teams with less wins?   How much of this "success" (because let's face it, as easy as our schedule has been, winning 6 games by this point in the season is an accomplishment) is because the coaches are busting their humps to get the players fired up to play and doing a good job of maximizing their talents to put them in a position to succeed?   I'd love to see what this staff could do with, for example, a healthy Taylor and Richardson for 16 games, not missing Stewart for 6 games, basically not losing all 4 of their top 4 corners etc.
    • I think they should leave FSU out. That OSU team was loaded that year and were clearly better than everyone even with their 3rd string QB. I hope it’s Michigan, Washington, Texas and Alabama. Those are the four best teams in my eyes but understand the argument for FSU. It would not surprise me a bit if tv ratings come into play with this decision. College football has become a business and people watch UT and Bama.    Fitting there is this much controversy right before they go to a larger playoff. There are 8 teams that all have a case to be in the playoffs and can win a game. Georgia, Oregon and Ohio State could all easily win 2 games and make the championship. FSU has a great defense and I’m guessing the extra time preparing for the bowl games would help their offense a lot.    On a different note, there is a lot of hate for the SEC bc they win so much. It’s not universal but there is a strong push from some to leave them out this year. I will say this, I don’t think there is a team in this country that can beat Bama and Georgia in back to back games. I think the gap is closing but not quite there yet. 
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