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  1. is i me or colts forums font  different 

    1. MTC


      Looks the same to me.

    2. Nadine


      we get our style from colts.com

      I haven't noticed a change but, it's possible


  2. rest in peace Gavin buddy , thoughts and prayers go to Gavin family and  friends 

    1. Gramz


      What the heck...???  :flowers:

    2. Gramz


      This just deeply saddens me to hear this news.  RIP Gavin.

    3. southwest1


      I feel bad now that I didn't visit Gavin's threads as often as I should have.


      IF anything, Gavin's tragic passing, reminds me to let my friends know on the forum when they make me laugh, write an outstanding post, or just are cool to follow online since they have an interesting slant on things in general or intriguing pastimes/hobbies etc. etc. 

  3. yesterday was 42 degrees celsius 30 degrees in the night 

  4. this is a solomon thomas fan account used to be andretoindy 

  5. how do i change my colts forum name 

    1. NFLfan


      Go to your Account Settings. You will see the "Settings Area" menu. Click on that. Select "Display Name". Proceed from there. Hope it works. 

  6. colonscopy are not fun 

  7. the firefox and chrome updates are terrible

    1. Synthetic


      It's better than getting your computer infected with viruses.

    2. SolomonThomasFanAccount


      true that ever since i have updated pages struggle to load though

  8. 12 to 16 game suspension or bust for tom brady

  9. this just in the NFL is a joke and the league is now the NEPFL.

    1. crazycolt1


      There are other ways to spent your time if all football is to you is a joke.

  10. called it Anderson to the colts

  11. Colts will pick dline in the first round

  12. with this amount of rain windscreen wipers for my glasses would be nice

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