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NFL Network Replay Tonight 9:30 -11 , Colts Vs Dolphinns

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    • Oh stop it. Myles does not need to average 20 to earn his contract. Anything he provides on offense is a bonus as he earns his contract by being a top 3 rim protecter in this league. People are scared to get in the paint against him.   Last years DPOY Rudy Gobert only averaged 13 and 10 and he's earned his 22 million dollar contract just as much as Myles has earned his 20. If Myles keeps having games like he's had these last two, his contract is a huge bargain.
    • I agree, i think he needs the off-season
    • I agree to the bolded, and put those facts into my observations.  Is why i say run directly at them when we do to get a blocker on him right away. Because he and Smith and run a stretch play down fast.  Also why i have TE's clearing the middle of the field. I meant clearing the LB'ers out so our WR's can go in right behind and be wide open. Also, yes, we HAVE to keep running the ball. Even if it is not very successful at first.  It wears down a defense, and makes them respect the run enough to make play action effective.
    • I appreciate your Keen insight the only thing I have a problem with is Vanderesch is a very good player with a great deal of range. Our running game is going to have a difficult time getting started in this game so it's important we do not stall out our first few drives like we have the last few weeks. The key to this game is catch the stinking ball! With swoope being cut this is time for Cox to shine with his great height it is tremendous jumping ability. I think Pascal has the ability to set well in the secondary for possession passes. He has some of the best hands on the team. The real wild card here is what the other receivers do. Inman, Grant and Rogers need to be on top of their game. That's a big ask but that will open up the running game and keep us from being one-dimensional
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