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  1. 1. Carter needs to hold onto the ball. If he does, he will be beast. 2. We need good play from ________ <- insert new starting TE's name here 3. Arians to prove he is as good at molding a QB as we hope/think he is. 4. CB's to actually cover, and not give a 10 yard cushion 5. Quit making Bethea tackle everyone 6. Donnie Avery to turn out to be the speed demon we signed him for Hey at least Turdis Painter is probably getting intercepted throwing trash into the waste basket and not on the Colts roster. That should be good for at least 3 wins.
  2. I agree with Brent......I think Coyer the Defense Destroyer hindered the ability that Wheeler had. I jsut wonder who we'll being in to replace him.....with all the dead money we have, we might not be able to sign anyone decent.
  3. This is almost as impressive as Luck's sideline catch. Nice!
  4. I've had a black Manning Jersey for 4 years......seems kind of fitting now
  5. I didn't think Foster was that bad......maybe I was missing something.
  6. Wheeler has been signed with the Raiders........ our LB core is getting depleted!
  7. Maybe that football player dad from "Webster" is available too
  8. Hopefully somebody will give up some good picks for Freeney, but I think we have too much $$ invested in him, and nobody wants to pay that.
  9. I hope this guy stays on the active list. We don't need another Gonzo riding the bench for years. That would be sweet to see the 70 yard bomb from Luck's pro day..... Luck dropping back on the 35 yard line......throwing a deep route to Avery......TD!!!
  10. I'm just saying the original post said maybe Colts fans are getting soft. I still make the trip, and spend a ton of money when I go to games on food/merch/beer. I watched the Colts lose 4 times at home last year. Economy is killing people. Heck, I spend $100 just on gas to get there and back.
  11. I'll take Blair White over Edwards
  12. I hope we get a TE, CB, WR, and some O-linemen. Hopefully Grigson and Pagano have multiple backup plans in case their choices get ate up before they get to em.
  13. With all the cash we'll have next year, I agree we'll bandaid up someone in the middle this year, and go sign a stud NT next year
  14. I think both are stud QB's and we'll be lucky to have either one. I just hope they live up to the hype
  15. I think the Colts already tried to trade him, and then realized they weren't going to get anywhere near what they have invested in him. I still don't see him standing up. The guys has had his hand in the dirt forever. At least Mathis played OLB before, and expressed interest.
  16. Lacey maybe was good enough against the Jags, but he gets burnt everytime he goes against a WR with any sort of speed, even when he gives them the usual 10 yard cushion off the line of scrimage. How many starting CB's are there in the NFL.....64?
  17. There's got to be something still wrong with Clark, or he would've been picked up already. His wrist/thumb were obviously a problem last year with a lot of dropped balls when he was playing. It's probably killing his blocking skills as well. Or if he is actually healthy, he thinks he can still get that kind of money. Either way.......tis quite the shame.
  18. I hope he returns to his old self like the COlts are banking on him doing. He better be fast since he's so small. Maybe we'll see that 70 yard bomb (in the wind) from Luck's pro day.........Luck to Avery.........TD!! At least they have an entire off season to get the timing down.
  19. We paid Hayden 43M over five years!??! Gee thanks Polian for more holes to dig ourselves out of. Geesh! We also need to let Freeney walk. He has had his hand in the dirt for his entire career, and now we are going to ask him to stand up?? Not too optimistic about that. We better draft a stud TE too. Letting Tamme walk was a huge mistake. Clark was on his last leg, but Tamme was more than a suitable replacement! Especially when Luck utilizes his TE's! <- just like Manning
  20. No more Na'Polians is probably #1 on my list. Bill loooooooved paying huge contracts to the few playmakers and didn't dabble in free agency because the team ran out of cap space! I still can't stand seeing his ugly mug on ESPN. He turned his back on the media for so long, then he joins them. <- Becuase nobody else in the NFL would hire him and Chrissy. Not having to read the garbage corner (Polian Corner) is music to my eyes!
  21. My guess is 5-11....might be optimistic, but I'm anxious to see how we turn the running game around since we are beefing up the O-Line. Hopefully the RB coach can show Carter how to hold the ball. Even though Brown played better last year, I hope his penchant for running into the back of O-Lineman and falling down has been corrected.
  22. I can't stand trying to decypher Irsay tweets even when it's not a contest. I wish twitter has a spell check.
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