New Kickoff rule video

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    • One, there is no such thing as a white lie.  Either it's a lie or it's a truth, IMO.  But anyway.   it very well could be the team is being creative with their wording to try and protect themselves, or it could be completely truthful.  I've seen it in my own non contact practices... someone runs to get in position, pulls up right then someone trips or cuts or jukes right then and the person that pulls up gets caught in it gets knocked to the ground and slams their head off the turf.   Creative wording aside, I am sure the NFL will( have already) investigate(d), they will not make a decision by how the team discusses it to the media.
    • I’m not saying the eagles are a monster but they’ve been built through the draft and bringing in young talent. That “monster” I speak of is what we are doing bring in competitive competition to build and feed of each other like the eagles did .... the eagles weren’t the best team in the play offs nor in the SB .... plus they didn’t have their starting QB but because of what they had built and brought in they were a monster and thus my reference ..... wether they win 1-2 more doesn’t matter IMO .... they’ve built there team right and made the right calls/players like I believe CB, and our staff can, is and will do.
    • Well if he is worried about his health, he is bashing a Belichick 3rd rounder
    • Offense:  Me (center) Defense: My son (OLB)   I don't think we'd help the team at all but it would be so cool to play for the Colts and be the only father/son tandem in the NFL.
    • Somebody already created this thread, and my answers were...   DE Joey Bosa  RB Saquon Barkley
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