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Question of the Day - 11/28

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Sorry this is being posted late this week !!

Okay - we are 7 - 4 and there are FIVE regular season games left on the Colts 2012 schedule - What is your assessment of our possible wins & losses in those games and our overall record at the end of the regular season ??

Detroit (Away)

Titans (Home)

Texans (Away)

Chiefs (Away)

Texans (Home)

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    • Bates as a ILB?
      I have all sorts of red flags about the front office after this draft.   I'm hopeful on all the picks and I've defended them.   But when the owner and GM come out and say Green was a 1st round pick on their board,  and Clark was a borderline 1/2 and Hoag was a 2nd round pick,   so I assume Ridgeway and Morrison were also high on their board....     when they keep saying they're drafting five guys who are 1-3 rounds higher on the board then where they are drafted,  that's a red flag for me.     Especially with a front office whose drafting I view as spotty.   If they had a better track record, I'd have more confidence.     Now?     I'm just highly skeptical and hoping over the next two years that I'm proven wrong and they're proven right.     I'd be happy to be wrong.   But I fear I'm not....
    • Bates as a ILB?
      I'm not sure it makes much sense to justify your skepticism of the front office with a coaching decision about the position where they choose to play a 7th Rd draft choice....especially when they are planning to start him at your own position of choice.
    • Bates as a ILB?
      The Pats have a history of success.     This front office....  well,  less so.      I'm not ready to give this front office as much benefit of the doubt as others here....   I've been surprised at the number of people citing what the Pats do and looking for a comparison.   When the Colts are nearly as successful as the Patriots then we can make some comparisons....   I've lost a lot of faith in our front office.     I hope they win me back.     I hope they prove my skepticism to be unfounded.     I hope they prove me wrong.     I don't make negative posts hoping to be right.    I honestly hope to be wrong.     Seriously,  I'd much rather be wrong here than right.      
    • Predict THIS!!! Who Will Be the O-Line Starters Week 1?
      The reason Jack got moved to LG, was he has slow feet.  Rumor has it we are going to ZBS.  Jack will be a liability.
    • Luck and Anderson Colts Two Best Players Arguably? Agree or Disagree?
      Hey.....     I'm a fan of Henry Anderson!      No one here loves him more than I do!     I followed from high school in Atlanta to Stanford and now to Indianapolis....     I love him.   I just don't think he's our 2nd best player.     Not better than Vonte...    not better than TYH....     not better than AC....      Even if you think he slots in here,  that makes him 5th overall which is impressive.   I just wouldn't put him up there in the 2nd spot based on basically a half a rookie season.....  
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