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Question of the Day - 11/28

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Sorry this is being posted late this week !!

Okay - we are 7 - 4 and there are FIVE regular season games left on the Colts 2012 schedule - What is your assessment of our possible wins & losses in those games and our overall record at the end of the regular season ??

Detroit (Away)

Titans (Home)

Texans (Away)

Chiefs (Away)

Texans (Home)

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    • I agree, Pagano says a lot of vanilla statements -- but in this case he is saying "well documented", which is true -- our running D, with Art in the lineup was allowing significantly less YPC.  This is when he is actually on the field, not sitting on the bench.  Here are the stats  -- :   WITHOUT JONES ON THE FIELD 257 rushes for 1,201 yards (4.67 yards per rush) 3.12 yards before contact per rush 12 rushing TDs (4.7 percent of rushes) First downs allowed on 26 percent of rushes WITH JONES ON THE FIELD 165 rushes for 615 yards (3.73 yards per rush) 2.15 yards before contact per rush 2 rushing TDs (1.2 percent of rushes) First downs allowed on 22 percent of rushes   ------------------------------------------------------------------ These numbers are pretty staggering, at least in my opinion (all of them -- the contact before rush sticks out the most to me, but the YPC, TD, and First Downs are all significant, too).   All that said, Jones has not been sidelined more than he's been on the field.  This PED suspension doesn't help the team and as you've said earlier, we won't miss him that much.  I don't agree with you that we won't miss him due to him not being a significant contributor when he is on the field (that he has been) -- but, he hasn't been healthy enough to be on the field long enough to really warrant missing him.... violating the league substance abuse policy doesn't help this team and doesn't help Jones.  If I'm the coach/GM, Jones is on a very short leash (or perhaps already dismissed) for this.
    • And so another rumor is laid to rest. Good riddance.
    • Do it for Pagel          
    • When is the draft going to be?
    • It was similar to what Jones ran at Baltimore but not the same.  That is why I was I didn't think his poor play was earth shattering.   Yup, I ran the numbers of the games he played and the games he didn't play.  In the games he played the Colts allowed a lower YPC average than the games he didn't play.  The odd thing as I was running the numbers though, is with Jone in the game the opposing team used the running game a lot more.  With Jones teams ran the ball an average of 28.667 times per game, without Jones they ran the ball 20.33 times per game.  Without Jones the COlts D gave a lot more long running plays, with Jones, they gave up a lot more first downs via the ground.    So, I will admit I was wrong about the higher YPC with Jones.  But I still would not quanitify what Jones did as a significant contribution to the run defense, mainly because teams were able to grind out the running game and keep the chains moving and keep the Colts O off the field.   Lastly, quoting Pagano doesn't really mean a lot.
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