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Broncos Vs Panthers

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go panthers! sorry folks but any nfc win over an afc contender is good for us. you're either a colt or you are the enemy


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mine's bigger :yes: if being a colts fan first is wrong, then i don't want to be right

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Cam Newton is changing his name to "Fig" as his sophomore "slump" is in actuality his sophomore "showcase". The guy is showing what it is like to be big man on campus and then a loser in the NFL. He is confused and clueless on how to play quarterback NFL style. Meanwhile the guy called "Mr. Manning" hits for number 420 in the TD column making him tied for the #2 spot in career TD's behind the goof that forever ruined his image with a camera, Brett Farve.

Look for the Broncos and Texans in the final plyoff spot for the super bowl.

I was hoping Cam would get Mannng's phone number so maybe he could go visit him in the offseason...

..he needs to talk to vet QBs because they can help him..

Sitting by yourself with a towell on your head when something does wrong sends a terrible message

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    • Actually, if I'm being totally honest here, I'd make NFL referees a permanent 12 month position with great benefits & a nice salary vs the temporary occupation it is now.    My reasoning is simple: If you compensate people well so that they can devote their entire time perfecting & improving their craft, they tend to excel at it & negate their mistakes over time.    Plus, with all the new rules/modifications that get tweaked every yr, it would be a wise move to validate to your referee crews that you value their attention to detail through their pocket book. When you pay people well, they strive to make their bosses look good. 
    • Pre-game & halftime interviews with both head coaches. Yeah I know, they are not an NFL rule per say unless you wanna count them as a CBA mandate to make themselves available to journalists during a game.    I just have never really gotten anything meaningful over these reporter/coach interactions. 90% of the remarks are tired cliches & even if you missed part of the game; nobody ever looks online to say hear what Erin Andrews asked a coach at halftime. 
    • I agree with taking away the taunting rule tool because it's just another version of smack talking live. If you wanna ban the throat slashing gesture, the pretend pistol firing gesture, or the archery firing motion fine; but everything else is fair game.   It's your job to shut your adversary up by scoring TDs or crippling their ground game on defense on 3rd down. And why is the league allowed to promote their shield & jerseys for profit but players can't engage in individual expressions of self promotion either? Seems highly hypocritical to me Mr. Commissioner. Just saying. 
    • I kind of agree with this reverting back I mean. This idea that both sides get an opportunity to touch the ball on offense is overrated to me. Yeah I know, the coin toss by a ref was given excessive weight to a random element of chance, but still. I liked it when the first score in OT even a FG could win the darn game. It was a rush man. The arbitrariness of it all in overtime so many things coaches had no control over: heads or tails on the toss, hearing what player captains declared on the field incorrectly before the toss itself; & life in general isn't fair anyway. Why should both teams get the ball in OT anyway? It gives almost voodoo magic mystique to how the coin lands.    Plus, a lot of players can get injured playing an extra quarter of football. They're tired, exhausted, & say a coach is on the hot seat by their owner & needs to make the playoffs to retain their job...And then wham the team looses their star WR or DB? Crap.    Not only that. Field Goals are crisp, clean, & the guys can get a shower faster & clean up sooner for post game interviews too.    Last but not least, one of the reasons I refuse to watch baseball is that the games take too long to finally conclude & the longer games play out the more it interferes with TV programming & sleeping habits of some fans too. Length isn't always an asset in broadcasting as producers or consumers overall. 
    •   That would be my pick too. I don't think any other team has underachieved as much in the past few years. They have questionmarks at LB, S, OL and HC, along with Rivers late game meltdowns but if Lynn proves out to be at least average coach, I think they are fairly serious threat. That's one stacked division they play in though and rough schedule.
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