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  1. March 16 Through the Years   

     1621- Samoset visits the Pilgrims for the first time


     1802- The Army Corps of Egineers is created


      1916- American Forces led by "Black Jack" Pershing joins the hunt for Pancho Villa


      1935- Hiltler orders the rearmament of Germany breaking The Treaty of Versailles 


      1958- The 50 Millionth Automobile is produce by the Ford Motor Company


      1968- The My Lai Massacre


      1978- Former Italian PM Aldo Moro is kidnapped


      1984- CIA station chief William Buckley is kidnapped is Beirut


      1985- AP Newsman Terry Anderson is kidnapped


      1988- Oliver North and John Poindexter are indicted for conspiracy for their roles in the Iran Contra Scandal


      1995- Mississippi formally ratified the 13th Amendment