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  1. I have heard some crazy trophy stories but this is the first with the Lombardi
  2. Technically “Eight Men Out” has fellow Gibson County native Edd Rousch represented since he was a Reds starter in the 1919 series The movie featured White Sox Reds
  3. Part of the collection “Different Seasons Trivia Question What Golden Age Movie Siren was in the novella title?
  4. I gave the Ken Burns series to my Dad for Christmas a few years back DYK that one of the ghost players in Field of Dreams was Gil Hodges
  5. Thanks My Dad was on the Baseball Coaching Staff at PCHS before I was born and my sister played travel fast pitch Softball from age 8 to 18 on top of school ball before college ball at Kentucky Wesleyan MLB needs to adopt the International Overtime Rule they used I think it is @Chloe6124 but I could be wrong
  6. I have Yahoo!, ESPN, and B/R notifications to tell me when the games(Cubs, Colts, Blackhawks, Pacers, UK, ND, Evansville, and now Aces) start
  7. My Family and our AAU Track team found one of those neighborhoods when We were in the Chicagoland Area for a State Meet
  8. @NFLfan I will also be following the Wings, Lynx, Mercury, and Sparks along with Aces
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