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Very disappointed with the absence of the previous cast. The content last night's hour-long show covered next to nothing on the overall picture of the coming season.  I can't blame the cast as they have to follow the scripts. New cast consists of Jay Culter, Ocho Cinco, Ryan Clark, Chris Long and Channing Crowder. The season games week #1 will be interesting to see how they cover all games. 

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I hadn't seen "the previous cast" - but - based on last night's yawner - I'm not sure I'll invest an hour of my time again on this show.


Bland - boring - no enthusiasm - nothing of substance reported - interview with Saquon Barkley was poor - if THIS is what the NFL can afford to produce on a week-to-week basis - they definitely went cheap.

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    • I just thought I would take this opportunity to brag a bit about the fact that I had the opportunity to chat with Peyton at the Masters last week for about 5 minutes.  Truly a bucket list experience and I must say, he has the Southern Hospitality that one might expect but wow- did not expect to run into him and it was quite the experience.  It just had to be the one place left on earth where cell phones are banned, so no picture opportunity unfortunately.   I told Peyton that my first Colts experience was riding to Buffalo in a blizzard when the Colts were 14-0 and they benched him only to lose that game. I said thanks for my first Colts experience being one where he was riding the pine.  He laughed, apologized to me and said that if it was up to him he would have been checking down in that snow storm for 4 quarters.  He thanked me for the support, and was asking me a bit about myself, where I am from, etc.  Quite the gentleman! I think it was obligatory for him to be nice to patrons while he was wearing his Green Jacket, but none the less....a great experience meeting a childhood hero. Lynn Swann walked up to us while we were talking and shook Peyton's hand.  I joked that now was the perfect time for a 10 yard slant- and then slid into the bushes like Homer Simpson with humility.    Unforgettable experience everyone!   Would love to hear some of your Peyton stories from over the years, since it is a bit of a slow time of year before the draft! Let it fly Colts fans  
    • I agree.  I think this is another one of those over-hyped QB classes that will probably never perform to the level of the hype. But -- teams still need a quarterback.  And will convince themselves that that must take one of these quarterbacks.  That it's the only solution to their problem.  If I was forced to choose, I would probably go with Heisman winner Jayden Daniels.  I'm concerned that Caleb Williams may have some personality issues to go with his lack of measurables, even though he shows strong ability to improvise.  Drake Maye has the measurables, but I have questions regarding the level of opposition playing at UNC.  It's not the same as playing the equivalent of the Crimson Tide every single week.  JJ McCarthy is "good".  And he's been successful.  He led his team to a BCS championship.  And?  I see him in the same mold as AJ McCarron.  Supremely successful in college, but not good enough to be The Guy in the pros.
    • Right. KC was also a perennial playoff team prior to Mahomes taking over. The Colts are a fringe playoff team at best, until we see if AR can lift the roster.    And to your point, Veach took over the summer before Mahomes’ rookie year. Hard to compare how KC’s FO approach with Dorsey at GM (for several years) vs. when Veach took over. It seems like Ballard has been more like Dorsey and Veach might just operate differently from both of them.    If Ballard wanted to follow the Veach KC model, he sure waited a long time to do it once Luck retired. 
    • DeFo was an aggressive move.   But I wouldn’t classify Wentz or Ryan as aggressive moves. Getting Stafford would have been an aggressive move at QB. Wentz was cheaper and PHI was looking to dump him. They didn’t even budge from their initial offer to PHI  And Ryan sort of fell in their laps after they dumped Wentz. 
    • I think most important option is missing in the poll : No One.   I think it's a fairly average QB class that it's okay to not like anybody enough to draft him. There's no one QB that Wows you with their pocket passing Caliber or pure athletic traits or good combination of both. It's like a tweener class of all those abilities, having lop-sided combination of above said skills.    And, this poll, rather than forcing to pick one QB, needed that extra option to express staying away from this QB class. 
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