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Frank Reich coaching calls

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I am watching the game tonight and his play calling has cost us 9 freaken points  already with his go for it attitude. In a division game you take the freaken point. What a play calling clown. I hope we can pull this one out dispute Frank's play calling. He sure makes it tough on our defence

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    • Tony Romo a good Broadcaster? hahaha ok we can agree to disagree on that one. But the Lol was towards ESPN for always trying to add everyone however i would love to listen to Rivers talk.
    • Mo is a Free Agent as well. Doyle is under contract though. 
    • During an off-season where people are screaming about how bad the interview process is being handled by teams over-looking African-Americans....   Houston now pours gasoline on the fire by interviewing a guy who was mostly a career backup who has not coached at all in the NFL.   And they’re interviewing him for Head Coach.   Not QB coach coach.   Not OC.   But head coach.    A worse look the Texans could not be putting out there.   Feel bad for McGowan.   A huge mistake by the Texans.   Or should I say...   yet another self inflicted mistake by Houston.    Josh McGowan may be a good head coach someday.  But that day is not today.    Embarrassing. 
    • Lance also wasn't playing vs SEC and Pac-12 defenses like Eason was. Lance well could be special, but likely not in 2021 and maybe not in 2022 either--which IMO is where the Colts' most likely Super Bowl window is, especially w/ their OLs and Leonard, Taylor and Pittman signed to their current contracts.   I think Ballard & Reich have to decide if they do feel their window is now, with the current OL and defense (with or without Eberflus), in which case I think they really have to try for another veteran QB. If they don't feel that way, fine, then start a post-Luck modified rebuild either w/ Eason, Lance, or some other new guy, while trying to hold on to Nelson, Leonard, etc as long as possible.
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