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What's up with the OL run blocking?

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On 10/6/2020 at 6:38 AM, Nickster said:

Running to the edge in the Cornfields of Wisconsin and Iowa is different than doing the same thing in the league.  It appears that the staff are not confident he can make the edge beecause they haven’t called his number on it for a while.  His straight burst speed doesn’t necessarily translate in to sticking the foot in the ground to bounce to the edge then sticking the other foot in the ground and cutting it up.  IMO this will continue to become self evident.  Maybe later he evolves but right now today he’s very limited in the kinds of plays that he’s going to be routinely successful running.


Well misdirection?  You are advocating for a more power running scheme I think.  Running downhill seems pretty obviously JTs best trait.  Do you want them to try jet sweeps and deep motion crap?  Most misdirection runs involve. Jab steps and a start and stop from The running back which is nit necessarily something JT can do well or has ever done well since he took almost every carry for Wisco right down BroDway.



Actually they ran a lot of zone blocking scheme which allowed him to see and hit the hole to a degree in which we’re looking like were man on man power blocking up the middle in the nfl that huge hole lasts only so long..if we ran some zone stretches  to the outside I bet he’d be taking off and showing that speed and cutback ability I think we need to have our linemen moving from East to west instead of north because strength wise we are struggling and being stood up  Nelson included..but if you see Nelson running off the edge somewhere sure you want to be in his direction with a running start? Reich has to get creative  haha 

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