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Strong Fa Market This Year


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Maybe its just me but this seems like one of the stronger FA markets in a while.

Just some of the bigger names....

Matt Flynn (Limited playing time but has looked good. I would be iffy but might be worth it for a QB desperate team who doesnt have a high draft pick)

Mike Wallace (RFA)

Vincent Jackson

Marques Colston

Pierre Garcon

Reggie Wayne

Mario Williams

Carl Nicks

Brandon Carr

Laron Landry (needs to stay healthy)

Didnt even mention the possibility of Peyton Manning becoming a free agent.

Which guys would you want on your team?

Personally id like the Colts to go after Nicks. Probably not going to happen as he will be the highest paid guard.

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landry. without a doubt him and bethea would be the best tandem in the league. this would also allow bethea to stop playing close to the line and play center field which i think he does best only second to ed reed

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