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Guaranteed Win Day


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Mr Irsay should offer the fans a 'Guaranteed Win Day' to make up for the bad season...

In the final game of the regular season.......if the Colts win..

everyone gets gets a cash refund or free ticket to a 2012 game...

can you :clap: imagine the noise in that building if the game was close..

Meanwhile, back on planet earth...

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Irsay could have some cheap bobble-head dolls made of the Polians, Caldwell, Painter, Cowyer, etc. Rip the heads off and put each one on a little silver platter. Hand out randomly to the fans entering the stadium. At the end of the game, announce which head(s) will roll, and all those holding the winning (loser) bobble-head get free hot dogs for all of 2012.

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