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  1. As a proud season ticket holder, I have moved from the back row in the corner to the Loge level at the edge of the $1260 seats. I have two season tickets. My request was to move closer to the middle. That was all I asked and I am sent a letter saying that "due to limited availability of certain seating areas, we were unable to fulfill as many requests as in prior years." Since season tickets are still available for purchase and I read were someone actually bought seats better than mine as a new season ticket holder, when the comments race about "true fans" and people not buying tickets nex
  2. I thought that was very early for tickets... Living a little further away, my mail is normally a day later; therefore, Monday should be my day. Thanks for the info.
  3. Did you get your tickets in the mail today? Like others, I am curious about my movement in the stadium and ready to see if my request was achieved. Go Colts!
  4. How soon we forget that last year all of these superior talented players were on a team that was a laughing stock in the league. Everyone was ready to cut every player, coach, general manager, general manager's son etc. Now that this is exactly what is happening, some Colts fans are upset because they wanted those other players cut, not the ones they like. This is like congress when everyone gets mad a the organization, but keeps electing their own individual member because he/she is not the problem. Without Peyton, it was proven that this team could not win. Next year we will not have Pey
  5. I bought his jersey after the first pre-season game (hard to believe they didn't have any ready???) and have worn it to LOS every Sunday since. He is a tackling machine and funny in the post game interviews. Go Colts!!!
  6. I agree with Schwamm as I also renewed early hoping for the Super Bowl tickets. I believe that might skew the numbers as I normally pay on the last day as I am sure others also did. There might not be the big rush at the end for tickets and the waiting list might shrink. Regardless, I will be at LOS loud and proud.
  7. Let us have a little faith in the Colts front office. It was realized the Polians had done all they could here and were released. It was (finally) realized that Caldwell could not coach (and yes I realize he was a nice guy, but so is my uncle and he can't coach either) and was released of his duties. The front office is doing everything to get the Colts winning again and I believe in the front office that they will get a coach who will have the ability to lead us to wins. Go Colts!!
  8. I keep reading where some people state that Caldwell is staying. I would honestly like to see specifics that the Colts have changed since Tony Dungy left that would prove he is a great coach. Instead of arguing over nothing, let us try to figure this out like an administrator. What has Caldwell done to justify keeping him?
  9. I think he should announce he will be fired unless he wins four games this season. That would be a cool tweet.
  10. I would have liked for him to have done this weeks ago. A real coach would have done this before the final three weeks of the season. Most teams have legitimate game plans each week and not just one that can be pointed to trying to keep a job. Caldwell is atrocious and needs to be gone. One week does not an NFL coach make...
  11. GoColts!!

    We Won!

    There is no way this one win should save his job. While driving home from Indy, my wife and I were discussing the great play of Pat Angerer and Donald Brown while listening to the post game show. Bill Polian, whom until today I thought was intelligent, spent his post game conference explaining how this win proved that the players believe in Caldwell. When I took Logic 101 in college, I am pretty sure his statement would not be accurate. Win feels good, but Polian ruined my drive home by politicking to save a terrible coach.
  12. It is kinda sad that the guys on this board talking and (at least me) way past football prime, have won as many games as the Colts this season.
  13. Why do we think people in the media are not talking about Caldwell being fired? NBC pro football, The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, and local media like the Indy Star all have articles about Caldwell being gone at the end of the season or at least "should be worried." I just did a Google search and those sites popped up. It is understood that he is gone, and this board is the only place that seems to think he might stay. Go Colts!
  14. The only thing worse than going without a victory is changing nothing and realizing that the same thing was going to happen again. Next year, Painter/Orlovsky will not be the starting qb; Caldwell will not be the coach; draft picks will come; Peyton is going to be healthy... good things are coming. If those things are not happening, then I am calling 0-17 to start next season.
  15. I would argue for Angerer to be the MVP of the Colts this season and hope he is playing.
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