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Question About Seat At Los

Larry Horseman

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So I'm going to be that guy and tell you that I'm planning on attending my first game at LOS when we play the Panthers. We are super excited to go since this is the first time we've been in Indy during football season for a long while...yeah, I know, bad timing.

Question is: how are the 600 level seats? I would like to sit down in the 200 or 100, but there are 5 of us and the only way we can sit together is in 600 level. Are there areas that are better or worse in 600? Should we just buy a group of 2 seats and 3 seats further down?

Basically, I would like to know if we will be happy with our experience in the 600 level, and where the best 600 sections are. 633, 604, 605, 628, and 646 are the sections with the closest rows available at this point. Or, should we suck it up and sit apart to be down in the 100/200 levels?


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Have you tried getting tickets in the lower level from StubHub? I just checked them out and there are several options available in the 100/200s with up to 6 tickets together and they are really reasonably priced. I've used stubhub for Colts tickets on several occasions and been very pleased with the results. I agree with Coltsagent-- there is a huge difference between the 600's and 100'2. Another possibility would be tickets in the 300/400s-- those are very good as well.

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I have made it to 2 games since they moved to LOS and both games I have been in the 600 sections. I honestly dont think that there is a bad seat in that building. I am gonna be at the Panthers game next week and I have been able to get 300 level tickets. this will be the closest i have been yet. I think that no matter where you sit, you will enjoy the game. Go Colts!

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