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Colts Vs. N.Y. Giants Preseason Game Night Thread


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    • I am surprised they wouldn't try Jackson as a FB blocker on some plays.
    • Too quick to throw in towel? It's been 6 years of this junk. 6 years. Same story different players.    Your last paragraph is the same thing that is said year after year. Just give it time so they will gel, blah, blah, blah. Pffft.    This offense after 3 games is dead last in the NFL. Dead Last. After 6 years, this team should at least be extremely close to seriously competing and it is NOT!! An offense that, other than the Ryan, Pierce and Woods, were completely overlooked this off-season and Ryan has been god-awful. Call me crazy but I was one who told you he was washed up, but why listen to me?   I want this team to lose so these bozos, i.e. Reich and Ballard are sent packing, and we can get a legitimate front office with an actual plan, and I also want a legitimate opportunity to grab a potential franchise QB in 2023 so we don't have to be hamstrung to washed up Ryan next year.   If this team somehow makes the playoffs because of being in a terrible division, how does that help the future of this team where you have a coach who is more suitable as a coordinator and a GM who is so arrogant and cheap that he consistently puts this team in a crippling situation year after year?    Other than YOU and @2006Coltsbestever and whatever other old guys who want to always just brow beat those of us who really know what bad football looks and smells like, and for yawl being able to cheer lead some victories, what's the end game here?   Because it certainly isn't a Super Bowl.         
    • I think Kelly and smith are both struggling because they are worried about Pinter.
    • After watching the video I am inclined to believe a lot of the OL issues can be cleaned up with more practice and coaching.  Not to mention real game day action.  Let’s face it three of the starting five are veterans in their same position.  Strong veterans at that.  They know their jobs.  The newcomers Pryor and Pinter are basically adapting to new positions.  Recognition and reacting properly would make a big difference.  Coaching reinforcement would help as well on technique.  I’m expecting significant improvement as we play more into the season.  I think we already saw that with Pryor against KC.  I think the more they practice and play together the better they will develop as a unit. That said I still worry about Pinters weight being a detriment on the bull rushes.   He’s the one I’m most concerned about.  But overall I think they just need more time together as a unit.  I think the talent is there.  
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