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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. N.Y. Giants Preseason Game Night Thread

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I didn't realize or forgot you were from the Tri-State

Not from Anderson like it better down there. I broke down spent the $20 missed the first drive but I am hooked up with the preseason package not waiting on the replay.

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Andrew has time to throw too.

I agree, the protection has been good so far.

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    • We are indeed young.  That said, the team has looked competitive so far.  It's a long shot, but if we avoid making major mistakes, we could be contenders this year.  I'm certainly not going to concede anything without a fight, that's for darn sure.
    • Gee, it couldn't be more clear. We have as good a run blocking line as there is.  Your coach says we are going to Run the Damn Ball. Simple.   Think Seahawks and you will get it.   NOTHING is happening in just a few weeks. We are young.
    • As a colts fan from up north, Im not really familiar with the colts media, can y'all recommend some good reporters to follow on twitter for team news ?
    • I agree I'd like to get Campbell more involved, it's going to come down to Brissett establishing a comfort level with him.  Right now that's the big thing holding the team back, is that Brissett is still getting comfortable with the team's receiving corps.    One of the reasons TY is getting so many balls thrown his way is because TY is one of the holdovers from Brissett's run in 17 and there's some residual comfort factor there.   I think that'll work itself out given time. Brissett's just gonna get comfortable with some of his younger options.   That said, if we're in the playoff hunt at the deadline I do think Ballard is going to make a move for a veteran target.  We don't have a lot of physicality in our receiver corps, especially without Funchess.  With a non-elite QB I see that as a need that will have to be addressed.
    • Jimmy G, he seems to be getting his groove.
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