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  1. a lot of players get discouraged playing for a team that has been one of the worst of the decade. thats why players like andre johnson want out
  2. i disagree. true schaub didnt have a good year, but his overall body of work outshines both by a lot
  3. it was the main problem last year and they downgraded, have fun
  4. you cant just blame a 2-14 season on kubiak. the texans have arguably downgraded their roster and there is no arguement that they are better off at qb
  5. but really that comes from just an overall lack of talent, which the texans have failed to adress. the qb position being one of the weakest has been downgraded, the defense has been overrated. i dont see bill obrien as the answer. after downgrading thehe talent level in the offseason, i can only see the texans having a WORSE season this year. kubiak was just part of the problem. the texans have always lacked talent. i see the franchise hitting a new low and i cant feel bad for them. the texans will be in LA in 2 years if they keep the likes of fitzpatrick and mallet, there beat up rbs, and a w
  6. at the end of the day the manning haters just cant stomach the fact that he beat brady in the afccg and had the greatest year of all time proving hes better
  7. the texans, patriots for darkhorse. i see them missing the playoffs
  8. ....says the guy who *es because manning and brady get too much coverage
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