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Colts Need To Go All-In With Manning Or Luck


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I personally would go totally in with Peyton. Take Luck with the 1st pick and trade him for as many player or draft pics as possible. I think Luck is going to be good. But, although they dont want to act like it, the media every other year says there is a no brainer QB that is going to be great and win everyone SB's. Can anyone tell me when any of them worked out? Really, Peyton had to compete with Leaf comming out. Alot of people thought Leaf was the no brainer. Brady was one of the last picks in the draft, and how many busts have their been since then. Stick with the man that got you there. Then build around him. In a year or two there will be another cant lost QB and draft him. Sorry if that makes anyone upset. But look at the facts.

IF Peyton is 100% healthy and there is no reason to believe he can't finish his 4 years out..... then a trade-down is definitely an option to explore.

I TOTALLY agree with your inclusion of players in addition to draft picks as part of any Luck trade. IMO.... we demand a young Pro Bowl player at DT, CB or OG as part of any deal, in addition to 3-4 high draft picks. If we trade down, we need to "bust proof" the deal as much as we possibly can, and if some NFL team covets Andrew Luck that highly, then fine.... pay up with a Pro Bowler my friend.

In a trade where we receive only draft picks..... sure, we could wind up with a loose equivalent of the Hershel Walker trade and lay a solid foundation for the future.... but that's a borderline hallucination that assumes the Polian's can actually draft that well.

OR....we could also wind up with 4-5 prospects who spend the next 5 years looking like struggling young salmon swimming upstream to their deaths, followed by having smoke blown up our rasses and more front office denial.

At the risk of being called a sewer rat.... the Polian's need to bring their "A" game and just get this right.

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Saying that someone is "viewing it through your fingers" is amusing, harmless, and gets the point across. Saying that someone is "sadly delusional" suggests that you think they are mentally defective. I'm happy to hear that you didn't intend to insult me. I've been deflecting your comments in other threads recently without being too obnoxious in reply (I hope) to try and get the point across that it isn't necessary to belittle somebody in order to express a difference of opinion. Being civil results in conversations, such as what we are now having, instead of arguments, which I am just tired of.

We actually don't differ much at all. My fundamental point in response to this thread topic is that I'd rather see a difference maker come in at wide receiver than see an extra QB on the bench. IF the oline stabilizes (and we appear to be similarly optimistic), and Reggie isn't double teamed constantly, that might be enough to return the offense to being as high scoring as any in the league. It's important that Clark or Collie step it up again.

I'm hopeful about the unmentionable DE, but not counting on him. It is also entirely possible that they will use the highest pick they get on a DE instead of a WR, if a ready replacement for Freeney is available. He is a rare player and the defense can't function without him.

Powers appeared to take a step back early this year, but has looked better the past three games - finally "making some plays". In my opinion the entire defense has looked better the past three games, and it's entirely possible that both statements are related to Thomas, since that's when he took over. I'm not saying that he is a star, just that he has been a dramatic upgrade from Lacey, and he looks like he has the skills and confidence to actually break up passes and make interceptions, instead of just waiting until the ball is caught and trying not to get burned. For the first three games of a career it hasn't been bad, and there have been a lot of nears misses that suggest he can be much more effective with experience.

I think that the entire defense improves when Nevis is on the field, and Matthews has enough impressive moments to suggest that he could make the squad next year at Foster's expense (I'm a Rutgers fan, but he's just too freaking small to play DT). They've already used two recent high picks on DTs, so while it seems like a hole, I wouldn't expect them to do it again unless the perfect guy drops to them. Yes, the DE's are getting old, but much of the rest is ridiculously young - a big part of this years difficulties. It is reasonable to expect several of them to jump forward in effectiveness next year.

Fair. A lot of my responses are tongue in cheek mind you. PeytonGirl has berated me several times for not using smilies, but I'm many decades out of school, and just can't use them.

Now, Manning or Luck, that is the question????!!!!

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A. Manning is going to give us 3-4 more solid years.

B. (If Manning is done or the Colts Organization thinks he is done AND they don't want to pay the 28 million roster bonus next year...)


RD 1: Draft Luck (Trade to Miami or Washington for their next three RD 1 picks.

RD 1: Draft Barkley...Trade Barkley to Washington or Seattle for 2 RD 1 picks and a RD 2...

RD 1: Draft Clayborne CB or Kirkpatrick CB or Martin OT or Kalil OT (From Miami/Washington)

RD 2: Draft Decastro G

RD 2: Draft Barron SS (From WASH/SEATTLE)

RD 3: Draft BEST Available...

RD 4: Draft BEST Available...

RD 5: Draft BEST Available...


(3 RD 1 Picks) (From 2012 Luck/Barkley and our normal RD 1)

2014 ****DRAFT QB****

(2 RD 1 Picks) (From 2012 Luck and our normal RD 1)


Back to Normal (Peyton Retires)


RD 1: Draft Andrew Luck QB

RD 2: Draft Decastro G or Konz C

RD 3: Best Available...etc...etc...etc...etc...

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Fair. A lot of my responses are tongue in cheek mind you. PeytonGirl has berated me several times for not using smilies, but I'm many decades out of school, and just can't use them.

Now, Manning or Luck, that is the question????!!!!

I'll try to keep that in mind. I'm 50, but have no problems using emoticons. They can be a more efficient means of conveying tone of voice that would otherwise be possible online.

Manning, Manning, Manning, no question in my mind (IF he is healthy).

There is only one Peyton Manning, and there is every reason to believe that if the nerve recovers he will have several good years left (4-5, more?). I want the Colts to do everything possible to maximize his final years.

The Luck talk is ALL about trying to engineer the perfect transition to another all-time great QB, but unless the Colts front office is absolutely confident that he IS truly a once in a decade (or two) player - which is an incredibly big "if", than drafting him is problematic. Rather than just throw away Peyton and gamble on Luck, I'd rather ride Peyton until he has had enough. If at that point we lose every game for two years while rebuilding I really don't care. It happens. I'm not fixated on trying to pull off the perfect transition, I'm fixated on winning more super bowls behind the greatest QB of all time. To want to push Peyton out the door is to either underestimate the meaning of that phrase, or to naively assume that Luck is a shoe-in hall of famer himself.

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