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  1. People, Darius Leonard's age is getting confused with a Wake Forest basketball player. He's 22-23 years old, so please stop worrying about that
  2. 4 second round picks, and all went somewhat before projected. I think that is very fair. It's funny because in a vacuum, I like these players. 2 pass rushing DE's, 2 mauler OG's, and 1 rangy LB. Great approach to build from the trenches! And I think these players will be good. But considering how high our picks were, it feels like we didn't receive full value on them. Each was 5-15 picks from where they were projected. Overall, a very nice overhaul for the Colts as a whole. Just feeling meh because I don't feel SUPER ECSTATIC/BLOWN AWAY by the picks. Oh well.
  3. That's my favorite story of Day 2 so far. The camera stayed on him, and how about that emotion? It must be a dream to be from Texas, play college football at UT, then get picked by the hometown Cowboys? You get to play professional football near your family and friends?? I wanted him here in Indy, but just saying... that must be a dream for Connor. Good for him.
  4. Agreed. Before our pick, I've dreamed of us taking Landry. But I checked myself by thinking this: If 3 teams who OBVIOUSLY need pass rushers (CLE, NYG, IND), 2 of whom have multiple picks, all pass on Landry... a projected top 15-20 1st rounder... then the concerns must be legit. Something must be wrong, because otherwise each team would've picked him in an instant. So that's why I am okay with us passing on him. Obvious need, most important position on defense, and Indy bypassed him TWICE. I'll trust Ballard and his assessment.
  5. Trust me, Vikings fan, we can relate. Colts fans were spoiled for years with the Saturday/Glenn O-line combo. But ever since, our O-line sucked every single year. It's so nice to finally address that area. Hey, you could be the Seahawks. They reached for a RB in the 1st & have a terrible line
  6. F*&%. Of course our division rivals pick up Harold Landry. Typical Colts, our "dream guy" slips past us & a rival takes him. Why couldn't it have been, you know, almost ANY OTHER TEAM?? SMH
  7. I think this is why most Colts fans likely feel an initial "meh" about these players. It's just related to the draft pick value. If we traded back and selected Leonard around #15 and Smith around #20 of Round 2, it's fine. But right near the top of the draft, with many projected 1st-rounders falling to our lap? You just want to see Indy take full advantage of the pick value. I don't believe we did that here. Both players feel like mid- to late-second round talents. But hey, at least we're in the same round. Pittsburgh took Terrell Edmunds a full 1-2 rounds ahead of projections lol
  8. Same here. Doesn't everyone find it shocking that he's still available?? For the Colts to miss out on Chubb, yet still have a shot at landing the class' consensus #2 pass rusher in Round 2?? I'd be in dream land.
  9. Harold Landry is my obvious #1. Rare to find guys with speed and bend like that. I'd completely understand if Ballard trades up to the top of Round 2 to take him. For our next pick, I'd be ecstatic to have any of these players: OT Connor Williams RB Derrius Guice CB Isaiah Oliver OG Will Hernandez CB Josh Jackson DT Maurice Hurst If we conclude our first 3 picks with any of these combinations, it'll be my favorite Colts draft ever: Round 1 - OG Nelson Round 2 - DE Landry Round 2 - OT Williams or
  10. Agreed, and they all benefit Indy. We're just sitting there at #4 AND #5 of Round 2, waiting to pounce on other teams mistakes. Oh, and we have the #17 pick of the round as well. Why can't they do Round 2 tonight?? Haha
  11. The Seahawks did what the Colts used to do... draft players needing a good O-line before, you know, actually building a good O-line. But not anymore
  12. Would be glad to see any of those players fall to us, esp Landry. He was a consensus top 10-20 projected pick, and is likely the 2nd-best pass rusher in the draft. If we come away with Nelson AND Landry, Colts fans should celebrate.
  13. Great list, but Derwin James has been taken. Where do you have Harold Landry rated? Still, though, what a talented remaining group! So glad we pick #4 and #5 back-to-back.
  14. Here's a great in-depth review of Quenton Nelson as a prospect. What do you think?
  15. Man, you need to see some the Nelson tape that I have. Here's one of the sweetest takedown blocks you'll ever see, from our future Ring of Honor inductee
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