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In Hindsight, Will This Be A Blessing?

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I hate watching the Colts lose. I really do. So I want to make that very clear. But lets say Manning had played this year. It would like have been the same thing. 10+ win season, covering up coaching deficiences and secondary talent. And likely bounced from playoffs. And that could repeat until Manning retires, because this team and coaching staff have shown they will stick to the same thing as long as we are winning.

Well, this pathetic season may do two things or us to hopefully ensure Peyton a few more rings

1) Just how bad the coaching staff is. There are a few guys like John Teerlick that I think are very good, but for the most part I think the whole lot has to go. They can't adapt, no half time adjustments, and they seem clueless as to what to do. Peyton has played long enough with mediocre coaches, and it will take something like this to hopefully change it.

2) The Colts are going to get a winfall of young talent in when they trade the #1 pick. I fully expect Manning back 100%, playing great for at least for more years. We can draft a guy like Blackmon WR with the pick we get from Miami or another team, get secondary help at the top of the second with our pick and the pick we get in the Luck trade, and then picking first in each round will really help. Then we will have an additional likely top 10 pick next year too. So I think trading the Luck pick will allow the Colts to not only compete for Super Bowls the next four years, but ensure that young blue chip talent is brought in that we normally never get. And I do believe we can still get Peyton's replacement with the extra #1 we get next year or even in two years and groom him. Andy Dalton and Rogers are showing you don't havee to be the #1 overall pick to play well.

So give years from now we might look back and say "Hey, had we not had that horrid season, we wouldn't have won those back to back Super Bowls".

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I do think this horrible season will in the long run help the Colts. Now by the long run, I mean I do feel we will draft and KEEP Luck. Now if a team like Miami wants to offer their 1st round pick to get Peyton, and we can get LT Matt Kalil from doing that, Im all for it!!! I dont see how Luck could not be successful behind that stud OL!

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I have to agree, if Manning was healthy, it would be back to business and playoffs as usual. The lack of talent and incompetent coaches wouldn’t be at the fore front. This may be a good thing, if Manning can recover to 100% which I also expect him to do, than the Colts will have multiple years of brilliance from the greatest of all time. The Colts can trade the Luck pick and have many picks for at least this year and at least next year to just replenish the ranks with lots of young hopefully talented players! This is best both short term and long term! Great post!

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