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Can We Be 2-4?


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Way too much attention to stats...

The only stat one needs pay attention to is, Cincy has 2 wins, and Indy has 0.

You must have missed the Cincy-Buffalo game last week. It was in all the papers..

The Bengals lost at Denver..who has no offense.

Who cares???

..and Buffalo was routing your No.1 defense last week before they remembered that they were the Bills and gave the game away..

They have a rookie QB and Cedric Benson is on work-release...

Get serious.

Cincinnati will lose to Jacksonville this week...and they wont be surprised abut it...

Dude you make absolutely no sense. Meth is a bad drug and I would suggest you seek out a reputable rehab center.

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Loved Bert Jones...

3rd best Colts QB ever..right?

Sure. There isn't another choice anywhere remotely close.

2nd overall draft pick. MVP in 1976 at age 25 (Peyton won his first at 27). If not for injury was another sure-fire hall of famer.

His injury was about the biggest sports disappointment of my childhood. I always compared him to another huge country boy from the bayou competitor - Terry Bradshaw. Jones was FAR and away the better QB, but much like the Manning/Brady debates people only look at the Super Bowls. I suspect that "The Steel Curtain" may have had something to do with those.

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