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Irsay Adds More To Injury Tweet, Not Good, Out Sims & More Dnp's


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OUT- Manning, E.Sims (knee)

DNP- G.Brackett (shoulder), M.Bullitt (shoulder), D.Clark (foot), E.Foster (ham.) now know why 1st said continue

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Jim Irsay

(cont.) DNP- D.Freeney (abdominal), R.Diem (ankle), R.Mathis (chest), F.Moala (ankle), J.Tamme (concussion) LTD PART.- K.Collins (shoulder)

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Colts website just updated


Brackett, Gary LB Shoulder DNP - - -

Bullitt, Melvin DB Shoulder DNP - - -

Clark, Dallas TE Foot DNP - - -

Collins, Kerry QB Shoulder LP - - -

Diem, Ryan OG Ankle DNP - - -

Eldridge, Brody TE Knee FP - - -

Foster, Eric DT Hamstring DNP - - -

Freeney, Dwight DE Abdominal DNP - - -

Manning, Peyton QB Neck Out - - -

Mathis, Robert DE Chest DNP - - -

Moala, Fili DT Ankle DNP - - -

Sims, Ernie LB Knee Out - - -

Tamme, Jacob TE Concussion DNP - - -

White, Blair WR Back FP

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