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Colts Meat Freezer - What's in there?


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                    GUARDZ                               TACKLES                                        DT/NT/DE'S

                               ROBERT GRIFFIN                                 BEN IJALANA                                   CLIFTON GEATHERS   

                         6'6" 330LBS                       6'4" 337LBS - Bust? -1 more chance                    6'7"  325LBS


                   JUSTIN ANDERSON                            BRADLEY SOWELL                              MARTIN TEVASEU

                        6'5"  342LBS                         6'7" 320LBS -  Who is he again?                        6'2"  325LBS


                       LEE ZIEMBA                                                                                                   KELLEN HEARD

                        6'6"  320LBS                                                                                                     6'6"  339LBS


Offense - This off-season, Robert "big griff" Griffin & Justin "Bean" Anderson are 2 guys that i think are going to replace the second team O-Line, and could very well make the starting lineup, and/or get in the rotation for sure. We have enough WR's, we simply need to get them in the rotation. **Still in the freezer** - For the 2nd Time: We don't need Mike Wallace!!! or another WR. Deep threats? Lavon Brazill, and our new deep threat, Natham Palmer(4.3) - Done!!! C.Harnish won the backup QB job in preseason, and HIS college deep threat plays on our team - Code Name: Napalm!


Defense - {w/Geathers & Heard} The Colts have some man-eating creatures, in their cage on defense, and with Chuck P. back for a full season, he'll help our team find what we thought we saw, when they signed/drafted some of these guys. Grigson/Pagano's Frankenstein is coming to life.


Training camp can't get here any faster, as far as im concerned. We have some animals on both sides of the ball...








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Does this not confirm what i've said about Palmer? Today, Im 2 days late, with the info on my post, but i've been promoting Nathan Palmer since January 3rd, of this year. We don't need a big WR to spread the defense. We actually have 3 talented TE's on our team. You know about D.Allen, & C.Fleener, but the 3rd TE has very good hands as well. Dominique Jones was an animal in the red zone for Shepard College last year. So we got it covered on offense, we simply need to work with what we've got. With C.Fleener's 4.5 speed, we can send him and D.Allen over the middle, and let Wayne, Brazill, Hilton, & Nathan (Napalm) Palmer, and Griff Whalen, torch our enemies on the deep routes. WE HAVE WHAT WE NEED at the WR/TE Position, we don't need anybody else.

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