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  1. Chris Ballard - "These kids are gonna make mistakes" I would love to see that Alabama Wall put in place with R.Kelly - C.Warmack- DJ. Fluker!! Let them play what they play best, and watch them fullfill expectations...
  2. Phillip Dorsett, after yesterday's game, secured the #3 WR spot on the Colts depth chart, per the offensive scheme that Pep is using.While AJ is a great option, i see him as the designated 3rd down WR/RB, in siuations where we need a tough catch over the middle, or on the sideline to move the chains. Pep should consider a Red Zone package that includes big targets like A.Johnson, D.Moncrief, D.Carter, C.Fleener, D.Allen. Commentators around the league, have noticed how much Donte has elevated his game, because he's scored a TD in all 3 games this season. We shouldn't be worried in the least ab
  3. THIS BILLS game tape can be used to the Colts advantage, if Pep Ham would put down his Xbox 1 controller, get out of practice mode, and get this team ready for live game action. Let's give them (NFL teams) what they think want, and more of what they don't. During the 1st Quarter, maybe even the first half, distract them by simply letting them chase our $65 million-dollar TY-McLaren around field, while the other WR's,TE's, & RB's make plays. Pep's gotta come back home to his base package. Start inside, moving out....THROW THE BALL TO SOMEBODY, FIRST!!! THIS AIN'T MADDEN,.PEP!!!
  4. "Hilton was having trouble beating the guy across the line from him".......The guy.....is Ronald Darby. The guy,,,,,is an ex-track & field star who can run with almost anybody......who should've been drafted by the Colts
  5. Ronald Darby should have been a Colt.....

    1. 12isthenew18


      i wanted him in the draft too. smh

  6. Yes they do, but not for this type of second_rate production. Ronald Darby, and Xavier Rhondes should've been in a Colts uniform, but are now, and will be the stars of their respective teams secondary. Greg Toler & Darius Butler are now special teamers, and should've been released when the Colts made their cuts. God help our team if the Bills had put Marquis Goodwin, Percy Harvin, and Sammie Watkins on the field at the same time. A loss is a loss, hopefully we'll get on back on track next week, against the JETS....
  7. There are so many X's & O's to talk about with TY's future contract negotiations, it makes me crazy. His possible decision to play with another team, will carry an even heavier consequence than he anticipates....
  8. It's so annoying, and yet so sad that he can't tame the beast with in. Next article on him may include him receiving some medical treatment, and a doctor pleading his case to the nfl for reinstatement. If he hasn't figured it out before turning 26, then i'd say he probably done.....
  9. Grigson absolutely did the right thing, and he told us what happenend in the Colts War Room. B.P.A. - Best Player Available...emphasis on availability....is who the Colts front office drafted, based on draft position, coaching, and scouting analysis, and players that have "Colt Traits", which means an ability to avoid being arrested, and a great understanding of what it means to protect the brand. Decisions, especially like this one, are the reason why i absolutely love, and sometimes hate the NFL draft. The draft is 95% Broadway Musical, 5% D.M.V. ticket selection process. By the time the aut
  10. What did TY Hilton do, that made the Colts front office purchase an insurance policy for him, and Andrew Luck's future contract?...........He re-hired Drew Rosenhaus. If you don't know who he(D.R.) is, and HOW he does his business, you need to a background check on this guy/agent. He is the alpha male, GREAT WHITE SHARK of all sports agents!!!!!
  11. To Be Decided...
  12. Like Grigson, i didn't believe that any of the top edge rushers that were coveted by every team, would make it to #29, except one, base on a prayer...lol. I honestly thought that we would have a chance to grab Alvin "Bud" Dupree, or Randy Gregory(which Grigson decided against). It's difficult for me to appreciate how awesome of a player, Phillip Dorsett is, as i reflect on the Patriots dismantling & abusing our Dline with "Fat-backs & Hog-maw"_style running backs(excuse the southern food references). Grigson selecting Dorsett means that everyone he was high on, and thought he could get
  13. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! How disrespectful would that be to sign Andre, and not resign Reggie who has played his entire career for the Colts. Andre has been dropping alot of passes in the last couple of years. This topic needs to be transferred & merged with the Houston Texans form. You must be a fan.....
  14. Trading up to get some solid defensive help....

  15. Forget Claiborne, I think Justin Gilbert(yea, another Cleveland trade)has a higher ceiling than Claiborne. Same measure-ables, but an electric punt returner. If we give up Bjorn' Werner, we're getting rid of 1st round dead weight, and getting a great successor to Greg Toler.
  16. This may be an old topic, but its my first time seeing this post,on this forum. Your description of Grigson's experiences put this into perspective for me and helps me to understand his mindset somewhat clearer. My fear/concern is that it seems that he has slowly fallen under the "Polian Spell" of drafting Grade A offensive talent, and C grade, CFL defensive talent. there's a reason those guys are playing there, and it aint all because they were overlooked. The espn analyst aren't always right, but if losing to all the top teams in the AFC conference, doesn't turn the light on, then we need an
  17. UH No....we sign pass blocking OLineman who can't open running lanes inside the middle of the defense. I realize that im one of the last colt dreamers, who still believe in trent richardson, but boom's best runs of the 2014 season, were outside runs, to left side of the line where A.Canstanzo blazed a trail for him to run. That being said, im not mad at trent, but the odds of him staying a Colt, are overwhelmingly, NOT.....in his favor. It's was a fun, but ill miss the opportunity to see what he could have been for colts nation. Good luck with your next team trent(which he most certainly will
  18. My sentiments exactly. Your post puts to rest every compliant about trent since he's been in indy, for me a least. When i look at schemes, i look at the type...of offensive linemen at team has. The strength of our Interior lineman is pass blocking, not run blocking. That being said, pass blocking OL, thrive with a faster running back hitting the holes quickly, so they don't have to hold their blocks as long, for the slower, more powerful runner.
  19. ED29_1659yards

    Stephen Hill

    From the album: 2015 F.A./P.S. Pickup List

    Height - 6'4 Weight - 215 40 Time - 4.36 (nfl official)
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