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Flex Play.....Malcolm Floyd or Andre Brown?


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Floyd is at Cleveland and he and Rivers have been up and down this season.

Andre Brown is at Dallas with Ahmad Bradshaw listed as questionable with that chronic foot problem of his. Plus....Cowboy LB Sean Lee is out for the season.

I'm thinking Brown could possibly grab some added carries and perhaps filch a TD.

What would you do?

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    • When I say talent I mean actual difference makers, not JAGs.    I wasn’t talking about Steichen. I was talking about the new DL coach and Secondary coach as that was the conversation.    Why do you say I’m shovelling worry, when our pass rush has been subpar for years and our secondary has been aswell? Do think it’s unreasonable to question whether any of the talent, the coaching or the GM is getting it done at this point?   These things have been topics since I started posting here and it still is. I don’t understand how you don’t think that’s a concern. 
    • I think if Ballard doesn't add talent, it can be fairly interpreted as if Ballard doesn't add enough talent. The NFL Draft kinda forces every GM to add talent, doesn't it?    Aren't you the guy who thought that at that end of last offseason Ballard had left such obvious holes in the roster that it was apparent the team was tanking? 
    • I was thinking about Moe Allie Cox’s cap situation.  He currently counts at almost $6m against the cap.  PFF thinks he could be a cap casualty.  With Ogletree’s spot on the team up in the air and Woods situation also not the most assuring I was thinking the Colts might ask him to take a pay cut and keep him.  He might be receptive to that instead of going out in the market and taking a lesser amount with a different team.  He has certainly made contributions in the red zone and as a blocking tight end.  Taking a pay cut might make sense all the way around.  Just a thought that I think has merit.
    • I agree. Passsing on Bowers is wild. But he went to the Bengals which tells me DJ forced a pick. Sometimes with mock drafts, people love a player and team fit so much that they have players slip way past what is feasible. People have been clamoring for the Bengals to draft a TE for years so Bowers would be a dream scenario for that crowd that thinks that.
    • The only thing that it changed was that Kelce got more looks and went from 1 catch for 1 yard before the half to 9 catches for 92 yards the rest of the way.     Forgotten is their LB play. Their LBs Nick Bolton and Willie Gay are good blitzers and stay with boot legs and rollouts well enough that Purdy with pressure in his face can barely get 5 yards off his throw after the pass catcher gets tackled. When 1-on-1 Purdy once outran Nick Bolton for a horse collar penalty, so Spags changed it to a safety Reid instead of putting an LB on Purdy realizing Purdy has got some wheels. You couldn't help but notice the quick adjustment. Plus, the angles an OLB takes also matter. Sam Hubbard of the Bengals on the surface may not be fast in a straight line but he takes very good angles and hence Lou Anurumo used that DE/OLB as a Mahomes spy and played contain in that 2021 AFCCG where the Bengals beat the Chiefs.   The biggest difference now is that Mahomes and The Chiefs are dinking and dunking like Brady and The Patriots and it is not a deep to shallow level passing game like before, more shallow to deep levels that gives DCs fits because Mahomes' decision making, since he was forced to grow after Tyreek Hill left, has improved. It doesn't help he has a D like the Patriots in those early SB years either. 
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