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Which Rb should I start for my week 1 match up?


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So I got a league with just a few friends and myself, I was 9th in the draft and really couldnt snag any top named RB, I had to go with a few darkhorse choices and under the radar cats. So heres the question.

Which 2 of the 3 should I start for my week one match up.

Currently starting:

Doug Martin Vs. Carolina

Pierre Thomas Vs. Washington

Riding the Bench I got:

Cedric Benson Vs. San Fran

I had CB starting but going up against the San Fran D I just dont think he will be as productive, I didnt pay much attention to the off season so I dont even know if San Frans D will be as good as it was last year but I am just assuming and went with Doug With Pierre. Should I keep it or Should I switch Cedric in, and who should I take out..

Also for some crazy reason NFL Fantasy has Julio Jones only getting like 8.3 points this week against KC. I got him as a starting WR, Do you think he will get more points or less than 8.3

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Doug Martin is a no brainer.... he is a talent and I wished that the Colts would have drafted him but it wasn't meant to be.

Tough choice on the other two...

Thomas - it isn't 2009 anymore when all the draft books had him a top 10 RB going into the season. Yes he will be facing Washington but how many touches will he get with Sproles and Ingram in the game. I would have to bench him in favor of...

Benson - yes he hasn't had much time with the team, and yes he is getting a little older but he is the #1 option in Green Bay. With a stingy San Fransicso defense he may not rack up a lot of yards but he will get more than Thomas.

Martin & Benson

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