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  1. Amen!!!!! Hahaha speaking of, did anyone see the Eagles' receiver who called them* out for it this off-season? Awesome!!!
  2. Thanks Adonai. And I appreciated the Private Message too. Yeah...I grew up hearing the same bologne. the storyline just didn't feel correct to me. And after awhile I decided to look into for myself. Sure enough...the details make clear that the elected politicians in Baltimore and Maryland assisted in creating the atmosphere of controversy and ultimately the actual move itself. It is unfortunate. But....we live in a democracy and we deserve the leaders we get. And if that is true, then we deserve the decisions that they make. The people of Baltimore allowed themselves to be hoodwinked by a group of nitwit politicians and their enablers/excuse makers/water carriers within the local media. For them it really is a sad story. And I comprehend the reasons why many of them would default to making it a personal problem. But the fact is, it wasn't personal. It was business. And Irsay made some very intelligent business decisions where the move is concerned.
  3. Old Crow's bitter rants usually go too far and this is about that time where I should point to The Move To Indianapolis - The True Story.
  4. So! LOL Bin Laden had absolute confidence he'd get away with it. Confidence isn't competence. ;)
  5. Nobody...and by nobody I mean nobody competent...has said that. ;) Landry is the SS and Bethea was the FS.
  6. Nonsense. You literally made all of that up out of thin air. I see how you could think yourself into it. But nevertheless, it's a conclusion that is about as deep & considered as a cup of coffee. There are no indications that the Coaching Staff or Front Office have any concerns vis-a-vis Reggie's recovery nor has there been anything regarding any diminished expectations for him. You've just come to that alone because he is coming off of an injury. Nothing more. Regardless, Nicks does in fact now fill the vacancy created by DHBs departure/not being re-signed. Reggie on the left, Nicks on the right and T.Y. in the slot. With Brazill more than likely backing up Reggie, Rogers backing up Nicks and Whalen (I'd personally rather keep DHB over Whalen) spelling T.Y. As of right now (which means almost nothing), that will be the starting lineup on gamedays. They'll play all over the field...but that'll be the starting lineup sheet given to the Refs.
  7. Yep! And just what the doctor ordered if we're trying to be more physical in the defensive backfield. However, I have no clue about his coverage abilities or lack thereof. Just kinda wondered about it when we signed him.
  8. Couldn't be anymore incorrect. We signed Nicks to fill the open WR position left by DHB. Has nothing to do with Reggie.....at all.
  9. Someone else can put together a list of Safeties, CBs & Centers (that fit our schemes) available in the draft but here are some guys still available via Free Agency (Not exhaustive. Just guys IMO who could possibly play in our systems). Center: Eric Olsen (Steelers) Brian de la Puente (Saints) Safety: Ed Reed (Jets) Kendrick Lewis (Chiefs) Omar Brown (Ravens) James Ihedigbo (Ravens) Anthony Levine (Ravens) Ryan Clark (Steelers) Jim Leonhard (Bills) CornerBack: Antonio Cromartie (Jets) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Broncos) Champ Bailey (Broncos) Christopher Owens (Dolphins) R.J. Stanford (Dolphins) Drayton Florence (Panthers) Deveron Carr (Bucs)
  10. Yeah. I'd like to see how Cam, Adongo & this Muamba dude pan out in Training Camp. And I'm still kinda wondering if Muamba is going to transition to Safety
  11. Yeah on the Free Safety. I'd be surprised if we drafted anyone who has "Pass Rusher" as his greatest strength.
  12. We've offered a contract to Gordy but I don't have anything on Sidbury at all. Looks like he's being discreetly shown the door.
  13. I think Gordy and Reitz got qualifying offers but apparently have not signed them yet. So there's a 50/50 chance they'll both be back. And I too would be surprised if Vaughn isn't re-signed.
  14. No Longer On The Team And Not Coming Back: Center Samson Satele Guard Jeff Linkenbach RB Donald Brown Safety Antoine Bethea LB Kavell Conner RB Tashard Choice LB Pat Angerer WR Deion Branch Currently Unsigned: CB Josh Gordy DT Aubrayo Franklin WR Darrius Heyward Bey LB Scott Lutrus DE Ricardo Mathews Guard Mike McGlynn Guard Joe Reitz LB Lawrence Sidbury CB Cassius Vaughn Re-signed: CB Vontae Davis RB Ahmad radshaw LB Cam Johnson LB Justin Hickman Safety Sergio Brown DE Fili Moala Kicker Adam Vinatieri Punter Pat McAfee Added via Free Agency: WR Hakeem Nicks (Giants) Hybrid DE/NT Arthur Jones (Ravens) LB D'Qwell Jackson (Browns) Center Phil Costa (Cowboys) ______________________________ IMO we're good at every Offensive Positions save the line. Costa givs us some depth at Center and possibly Guard however we're obviously going to go after the Oline in the Draft and possibly still going forward in Free Agency. With both Vaughn and Gordy remaining unsigned (at least for now), that would seem to indicate we're also going to go after CB in the Draft and possibly still going forward in Free Agency. Anyone seeing anything else?
  15. "...fans might have noticed a few themes emerging. Some players said they wanted to play for a contender. Some specified that they were excited to play with Andrew Luck. Some had played with coach Chuck Pagano in the past and wanted to play with him again. And some, especially returning free agents, praised the locker room culture and said they wanted to remain a part of it. Word on the street is that some of the guys signing with the Colts could have gotten more money elsewhere, but as anyone who has worked a paying job can tell you, money doesn’t always trump a positive work environment...the Colts are attracting players who are actively seeking things like a good locker room, a brotherhood and a chance to win. Twenty years ago, who would have thought Indianapolis would have become a desirable NFL free-agent destination? D'Qwell Jackson chose Indianapolis because of its stability, from the front office to the quarterback situation, and because he wanted a chance to win. Vontae Davis told Colts.com's Craig Kelley that leaving Indianapolis would have been like leaving his family. Arthur Jones and Hakeem Nicks both have experience playing for Pagano in the past. Pat McAfee said that when his new deal with Indianapolis went through, he cried with relief because he didn’t want to play anywhere else. Adam Vinatieri expressed similar sentiments, telling Kelley that Indianapolis is a very comfortable place to come to work and be productive. The Colts’ organization seems to be taking care of its people, recruiting chemistry as much as talent and finding players who want to be a part of this team and this community." - Bethany Robison, Rant Sports
  16. With the Colts, Nicks finds one of the best young quarterbacks in the league in Andrew Luck, as well as working with receivers Reggie Wayne, T.Y. Hilton and tight end Dwayne Allen. Nicks said he saw himself as the missing piece to the Colts’ puzzle in a quest for the Super Bowl. "...they made an offer when I talked to (Panthers general manager) Dave Gettleman, but you know it just didn’t pan out the right way. I feel like this is the best fit for me." “I don’t think there’s anything for me to prove. I think I just want to go out there and play football and win championships. My play speaks for itself. I’m always working in silence and letting the game speak loud.” “I didn’t really like (any) of the situations, and I didn’t want to get myself in a long-term situation that I didn’t like, this is a great organization and a chance to show them what I can do and what I can bring to the table.” ______________________________ Yeah Andrew Luck is a draw but so is Cam Newton. And the jettisoning of Steve Smith would bode well for Nicks' numbers had he gone there. I think it is safe to say that his decision came down to money alone...not so much now, but going forward. The way DHB and his agent thought they could hit the jackpot by signing a 1 year deal here, making a big splash and then being re-signed for more when we have significant cap space, Nicks and his agent are more than likely thinking the exact same thing.
  17. Techincally speaking DHB doesn't have a job now does he? Didn't we sign him to a 1 year show & prove contract? So he's sitting around waiting on a call, right?
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