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  1. Why do I keep seeing posts about the Colts trading for Darnold midseason? Never gonna happen. If the Colts pursue Darnold, it'll be in the off-season.
  2. Does anyone know how fast he is? He could be a nice compliment of speed on offense until Campbell returns.
  3. Probably the most generous and kindest Owner in the NFL.
  4. I'm baffled MJ hasn't landed a permanent job on a roster somewhere. The Colts need to keep him on the main roster and not allow someone else to snag him from us. All he does is come in and make plays.
  5. I would love to bring Houston back for another year. He obviously still has a lot left in the tank and you need veteran leadership on both sides of the ball, especially for a younger defense. I'm actually really high on Marvell Tell, but he was a rookie last year who played safety in college and transitioned to corner in the NFL. I was disappointed he decided to sit out this season because he could use all the reps and experience he could get. I have no idea what to expect from him in 2021, but hopefully he continues to improve. Rhodes, Moore, Ya-Sin, and Tell would be a solid top 4 in 2021. Y
  6. I would love to see a bit more consistency from him. I feel like he's either solid or really bad. He's only in his second year and the transition to playing corner in the NFL is very difficult. I'll wait and see how he plays the rest of the season before making an opinion on him. At least he's not as bad as Wilson.
  7. I WISH the Colts could land Jones, but it's never gonna happen unfortunately.
  8. I really hope we bring back Rhodes and Houston. We have so many free agents coming up in the next two years, I know the Colts aren't going to be able to keep everybody.
  9. I would love to try to keep Taylor as fresh as possible for the fourth quarter (Especially if the Colts are ahead) but without Mack, the Colts don't really have someone who they feel comfortable carrying the load in the first three quarters. Taylor is a beast, and I wouldn't care if he got 25 carries a game. He's also a beast in the passing game. I'm still waiting for him to break a big one for a TD though. Hopefully it comes next week against Detroit.
  10. His biggest issue has always been injuries and getting playing time. Last year I guess he wasn't showing enough in practice to gain enough confidence with Eberflus to have him play during games. If he can stay stay on the field, I have nothing but high expectations for him.
  11. I'm not an expert on offensive linemen, but I feel like he's the best interior offensive lineman in the league.
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