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  1. DarkSuperman

    Reich's offense

    Reich's offense surpassed all expectations year 1 for me. You need to remember, he still needs to add a ton of pieces and has done one heck of a job only after one offseason. I love how everyone is involved and you never know who's going to have a monster game in this offense. PLUS, Luck's not getting killed!
  2. The Colts would be smart to trade Jacoby, but I don't see it happening before the Draft. - Andrew Luck is healthy. - Jacoby is leaving Indy after next season regardless to be a starter. - Chris Ballard has proven he can draft some gems and I trust him to do the same with the pick we get for Brissett.
  3. DarkSuperman

    How good was Tarik Glenn

    Yeah, losing Glenn and Diem really killed us for a long time until we drafted Anthony. We've hadn't had much luck at RT until this past season.
  4. DarkSuperman

    Marcus Johnson

    100% no.
  5. DarkSuperman

    How good was Tarik Glenn

    Guys like Manning, Harrison, James, got all the credit back then. I would hear people talk about Jeff Saturday more than Tarik.
  6. DarkSuperman

    How good was Tarik Glenn

    I know Tarik Glenn was a damn good football player and our anchor when it came to protecting Peyton's blind side. I was really young during Glenn's years as a Colt, so I don't have many memories of the guy. How good was he?
  7. DarkSuperman

    How to buy a draft pick

    Trade a first round draft pick for Trent Richardson.
  8. Poole wears #34 and that number is cursed for the Colts. But I love his playing style and how he's not afraid to hit people. If he's a slot corner that sees himself that should get paid like a one or two then I can see Ballard passing on him.
  9. DarkSuperman

    Reich's offense

    Reich and Mudd might destroy a lot of good defenses together.
  10. I'd give up a second round pick for him.
  11. DarkSuperman

    Significance of #32

    Or T.J. Greene. Lol
  12. I'm not sure how I feel about this.
  13. I know he's not talkin to Big Q like that. lol
  14. DarkSuperman

    Falcons Brian Poole

    Haven't seen much of the guy but I'm all for bringing in more secondary help.