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  1. I'm not an expert on offensive linemen, but I feel like he's the best interior offensive lineman in the league.
  2. Bunker is the most talented Colts DT I have seen since becoming a fan in 1994.
  3. He looked like the guy who earned himself first team all pro back in 2017.
  4. Ballard and Reich must have a ton of confidence in Blackmon if they have him starting today after missing nearly the entire off-season and playing in his first game since last December last week. I really hope he has a solid game today. I'm a big fan of the kid.
  5. Could you imagine Sewell playing next to Nelson. Man..
  6. OT is definitely a huge need for this team. The depth behind Castanzo and Smith is alarming. TE may not be a need if Doyle and Burton return this season but that won't be the case in 2021. I expect Doyle to sign elsewhere and the Colts could bring back Burton. Alie-Cox will hopefully continue to play well in 2020 and earn himself the starting spot in 2021. I fully expect the Colts to draft or sign a free agent TE in 2021.
  7. I agree with you. Someone needs to tell Jim Irsay to close the roof today. I have a big feeling Hilton is going to have a huge day.
  8. I think Reich knows the importance of coming out the gate hot against a team most teams would look past. The offense has struggled in the red zone so far in 2020 which needs to change today. The Colts need to come out and put the Jets behind early by being able to score multiple touchdowns while allowing their D to continue where they left off last week. I honestly think the Colts will come out throwing the ball on their first couple of positions and once they build a comfortable lead they will control the clock with Taylor and Wilkins.
  9. If the Colts are averaging giving up 1 sack a game, I could live with that.
  10. You never know, But Adam Gase is definitely gone. I was just making an example how the Colts were dealing with a terrible GM and Coach.
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