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  1. Vaughn is PFF worst rated free agent CB. # 60 out of 60. Decent??

    Powers is 49th. Solid?

    JMO but i thought Vaughn was terrible in coverage based on the EYE Test.

    Powers has been decent in zone coverage in the past but barely hung in there this season.

    They both played such that with FA $$$ to spend, SURELY there are Better players available for this system than BOTH of them. SAD if that isn`t True.

    This is NO TIME to hang on to guys that are not good at that jobs.

  2. Nevis belongs on the inside in a 4-3, but because we need so many players, he is under contract, and we may lose Moala, he will likely get another year here.

    Angerer IMO is a 4-3 MLB. He doesn`t get off blocks well enough to play in a 3-4, and is an Easy Target when asked to cover anyone.

    Redding is solid for the next 2 years of his contract.

    Chapman should be OK.

    McKinney brought experience but had never been that productive.

    Definitely have to like Freeman, Fokou, & Connor in this D.

    IMO, Freeney and his 12 tackles was a TOTAL Disaster in this D. He certainly doesn`t have the speed he once had and every reason to believe he will do well to maintain for next season.

    No question Grigson will Focus on improving the Team at Freeney`s position.

  3. There were 88 incomplete passes thrown Reggies way and no doubt the overtargeting by Andrew resulted in many interceptions.

    I don`t think Reggie played at a New Level by any means, but of course he did have ample opportunity to show he still has great hands. He did have 8 drops, one more than Avery.

    Big strong WR`s can use their bodies to screen and out muscle CB`s.

    Love to get one in the system ASAP.

    Especially if Andrew continues to throw a little late and behind his receivers so often, as this frequently causes contested receptions.

    We are in great shape at TE. I can see Fleenor split wide some.

  4. Posted recently I would Love to have 3 more Cory Reddings. He is talented, relentless, and a GREAT Leader. The best D-Lineman here since Bugger McFarland helped lead our D to a SB Win.

    Anyone like Vontae the tackling Machine today. I`ll take two more Vontaes please.

    Week after week Luck throws a huge number of uncatchable balls. Ugly to watch!

    Manning played scared in the pocket for 5+ Years, gonna have to admit Andrew has something like that going on.

    Of course with this O-Line, all the deep routes (HE is Looking for), he should be nervous.

    He sure got racked all game long. WOW!

  5. Kinda like a young Lt. heavyweight going up against a good experienced Heavyweight.

    We got some punches in and stayed on our feet, but opened ourselves up for some big punches.

    The worst thing that is Most Possible is a merry go round of injuries on the O-Line.

    That is Phugly all the time in the NFL. To Linl or Not to Link? ;- )

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