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Solid Colts knock off Chiefs



This was a team that for the past 6 weeks, could not play football...could not throw the ball, run the ball, stop the run or stop the pass and was not all that solid on special teams, could not make third downs, score touchdowns, get takeaways, pressure the QB, really could not do much of anything, I felt their play over that span would rank them as probably the worst team in the NFL (or very close)......fast forward: the past 2 weeks, they have looked very solid, not spectacular.... but flashy isn't always the recipe for success. The running game has been better, Richardson has played better, Brown is still the difference maker...Rogers and Brazill have stepped up and Whalen has been huge, making key plays, moving the chain catches and a big lift on returns, I think Fleener needs to get more reps and Heyward-Bey has not dropped a ball (or been thrown to). I am always trashing the O-line, for good reason, have played better and that's with the makeshift lines that have been thrown out there

The defense has been ( almost) dominant.... pressure, takeaways, swarming.....Mathis makes the big plays at crunch time. Werner has had back to back sack games, Butler has been playing great and Freemen has been a force....today had 2 interceptions, a sack, a forced fumble and team leading 5 tackles. After holding the ineffective Texans down, limited the Chiefs , who were on a roll, to under 300 yds and 1/8 on third downs. Was expecting Landry to be a difference maker and he has had some good games, but overall has not been that guy

Whalen has been very effective on returns, Adam came back and went 3-3 , after missing his first try, the coverage units have not played very well

I did not think there was any way this team could come back from a 6 game stretch of near total incompetence, to play this good as a team?????

Never say never in the NFL, it will happen, every week, always does.....when a team plays solid, complete football..... runs effectivly, spreads the ball around, pressures the QB and creates turnovers and plays mistake free football, they will win, more times than not, this is not the best team in the NFL or AFC, but there is alot of talent, grit and desire, if they continue that type of production, along with a QB who has the sky is the limit natural ability and does all of the little things to give his team a chance to win.....anything can happen

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We need to play the best there is in the playoffs and were off to the SB!!!

Bring on Denver and that Manning dude!!! Bring on the Patriots and that Brady dude!!! Bring on the best dude!!!! 

It's the just make it teams that worry me. Bring me Bengals!!!


Just bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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we keep hearing about getting on a roll, at the right time-the end of the year- we appear to be on that roll and also seem to play our best games vs the best teams..we will see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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