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Colts/Texans-Colts football is back (finally)



It's been a long time since this team has shown that kind of production, a very good overall complete team win.

Offense: the game was set up early by Brown's running (then he missed the rest of the game ) Richardson has looked a lot better the past few weeks and had a very good game today. The recievers are taking turns stepping up, last week Rogers and Brazill, today it was Whalen, Hilton was again a factor after a month of being a non factor, along with Fleener and the backs, give Luck more than enough options to throw to....Heyward-Bey wasn't targeted at all..so he had no drops. It will be interesting to see who the odd man out is, when Brazill comes back, Whalen was very effective today, not only in the passing game, but returning punts.

Defense: where has this been? 4 sacks, including Werner's 1st and Mathis' team record 16 1/2...2 forced fumbles by Freemen.... 2 more interceptions from Butler. Granted, this was a very ineffective Texans team, but anytime you hold the opponent to 239 total yards, you will win alot of games. The ongoing mystery?? What is the deal with Angerer, last year he was a non factor, most of the year (due to not being 100%) then it seemed like he was all the back and the past few games, has been invisible??

special teams: another great game for Adam, solid play on coverage and a big lift from Whalen on returns

That was winning football, with all the units playing good, solid football...winning the turnover battle..... running the football, spreading the ball around on offense, solid play on defense, creating takeaways and solid play on special teams...will almost always result ....in a win.

Next up, a big game vs the Chiefs, will be interesting to see if this kind of production continues

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