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  1. Just sharing some stats, I felt the way many do, the only way to get an elite pass rusher was to draft them at the top of the draft and in response to the many posts about- you can get a really good RB-later in the draft, although great ones-later in the draft-not as likely. the top 10 sack leaders this year: Chandler Jones- drafted #21 overall Calais Campbell- 2nd rd,#50 Demarcus Lawrence- 2nd rd,#34 Everson Griffen-4th rd, #100 Cameron Jordan-#24 overall Ryan Kerrigan-#16 overall Joey Bosa- #3 overall Cameron Heyward-31st overall Ezikeal Ansah- #5 overall Yannick Ngakoue- 3rd rd,#69 2 out of 10 picked in the first half of the first round Dwight Freeney-11th overall Robert Mathis- 5th rd, #138 Maaaaaaaaybe, you don't have to get an edge rusher in the top 5-10, of the draft, maaaaaaaaaybe, whats more important is having a great scouting department, that can find talent.
  2. Love the thought ....since I have been saying that since Manning (GOAT) was cut- try explaining that to your grandchildren and hope they don't google his stats (post-Colts) the fact that about 90% of the human population still thinks it was the right move.....no comment ps- I felt that way even though at the time, I was convinced Luck would finish his career as the best QB of all-time, based on his first 5 years and the lack of consistent improvement, that seems to be a very unlikely scenario
  3. RB: Josh Ferguson-5'10-198-Illinois-4.4 highest rating:#4 (Athlon) average rating: #10 3 year starter team captain OFF P.O.Y. Illinois record 168 receptions and 2nd in all-time all purpose yds leading rusher for East in East/West gm. very good receiver-best hands in draft (RB) WR: Tevaun Smith-6-205-Iowa-4.4 highest rating: #40 ( NFL.com) average rating: #52 Danny Anthop-6-192-Purdue-4.3 highest rating: #40 ( Our lads) average rating: #59 very fast slot receiver 2 year starter 5-120,93 TD in East/West gm. Chester Rogers-6'1-180-Grambling St. punt returner Marcus Leak-6-210-Maryland McKale McKay-6'5-207-Cincinnati-4.4 highest rating: #33 ( Pro football draft guide) average rating: #45 #12 rated WR, previous year outstanding size/speed ratio TE: Darrren Griswold-6'5-265-Arkansas St.-4.8 highest rating: #7 ( USA Today draft guide) average rating: #11 3 year starter H-back former QB Played in East/West gm. Raw, with upside Mike Miller-6'6-255-Taylor former QB G: Adam Redmond-6'5-301-Harvard All-Ivy (2015) DE: Sterling Bailey-6'4-285-Georgia highest rating: #26 (NFL.com) average rating: #30 team captain DL: Delvin Simmons-6'5-295-USC-5.1 highest rating: #28 ( Athlon) average rating: #31 #11 DE, previous yr. All Pac12 OLB/DE: Ron Thompson-6'3-255-Syracuse-4.8 #17 DE (Fox sports) average rating: #21 2 year starter OLB: Curt Maggitt-6'4-255-Tennesee-4.7 highest rating: #18 (Pro football draft guide) average rating: #24 #4 as a JR 11 sacks as a JR missed SR year with injury CB: Daniel Davie-6-190-Nebraska #56 (CBS) Chris Milton-5'10-187-Georgia Tech #46 (CBS) Darious White-6-180-Cal #95 (CBS) S: Andrew Williamson-6'1-212-Vanderbilt-4.4 #22 (NFL draft guide) SS: Stefan McClure-5'11-203-Cal 3 year team captain Summary: everybody is talking about Ferguson who had as high as a 4th Rd. grade, has a very good skill set and shocked everyone by not being drafted. Anthop has very good speed and McKay has big time physical tools and had a high rating the previous year. Griswold has all the tools and could develope. Simmons and Maggitt both had very high ratings the previous year. Williamson has the physical tools to compete for a spot. Some really good looking prospects in this group, there are always a few that will make their mark
  4. Draft: 1/18-Ryan Kelly-C-6'4"-311-Alabama-5.0 #1 rated C by Mike Mayock-NFL.com-CBS 3 yr. starter Remington and Jacob award winner USA Today All-american All SEC 2/57-T.J.Green-FS-6'2-209-Clemson-4.3 highest rating: #2 (Fox sports) average rating: #6 former WR 2nd fastest DB in draft Possible CB raw, with great size/speed ratio 3/82- Le'Raven Clark-T-6'6-316-Texas Tech-5.0 highest rating: #4 (NFL.com) average rating: #7 longest arms in the draft: 36" 4 year starter (1RT-3 LT) All big 12 (3 years) has major upside-Pro bowl potential 4/116-Hassan Ridgeway-DT-6'3-320-Texas-5.0 highest rating: #8 (NFL.com) average rating:12 DE/DT 2 year starter likely 1st rounder if he played another season 4/125-Antonio Morrison-ILB-6'1-235-Florida-4.7 highest rating: #5 (Pro football draft guide) average rating: #10 possible OLB 100+ tackles Jr. and Sr. season 3 year starter 2 time team captain All SEC (Jr) 5/155-Joe Haeg-T-6'6-307-North Dakota St.-5.1 highest rating: #8 (Fox sports) average rating: #12 former TE 2 time All-American 4 year National champ. 4 year starter (2 LT-2 RT) raw, with Pro bowl potential 7/239-Trevor Bates-LB-6'2-245-Maine highest rating: #19 ( NFL.com) average rating: #42 7/248-Austin Blythe-C-6'2-298-Iowa-5.3 highest rating: #5 (NFL.com) average rating: #10 4 year starter C/G 3 time wrestling champ. summary: lineman don't make a draft look overly sexy, but we all know that;s where the games are won (or lost). Kelly is a big time anchor in the critical middle of the O-line and should be Pro Bowl caliber, sooner, than later. Green is raw,but has the measurables to be a force. Clark and Ridgeway are big time talents that could could easily be viewed as having first round grades. Morrison is an undersized,yet productive enforcer type. Haeg has the makings of a good prospect, will need to get acclimated to the NFL-coming from a small college. Bates also comes from a school, that doesn't produce NFL talent, has what it takes physically. Blythe should be a compentent depth type player and comes from a program with a long history of quality NFL O-lineman. Very solid draft, filling the biggest need area ( for many years), as a whole, many of the players are gambles, who may develope into decent players and may not develope, at all. Plenty of potential and looks good on paper, time will tell.
  5. Any rating is pure speculation...it takes 2-3 years to really rate a draft class......but for now..... 1. Baltimore Ravens: 1st-Stanley-T 2nd-Correa-LB 3rd-Kaufasi-DE 4th-Young-CB 4th-Moore-WR 4th-Lewis-T 4th-Henry-DT 4th-Dixon-RB 5th-Judon-DE 6th-Reynolds-RB 7th-Canady-CB 2. Tennesee Titans: 1st-Conklin-T 2nd-Dodd-DE 2nd-Johnson-DT 2nd-Henry-RB 3rd-Byard-S 5th-Sharpe-WR 5th-Sims-CB 6th-Tretola-G 7th-Wallace-OLB 7th-Reed-CB 3. Detroit Lions: 1st-Decker-T 2nd-Robinson-DT 3rd-Glasgow-C 4th-Killebrew-S 5th-Dahl-T 5th-Williams-OLB 6th-Rudock-QB 6th-Zettel-DE 6th-Landes-LS 7th-Washington-RB and for the record...the bottom 3: 1. New England *s: 1st-deflated 2nd-Jones-CB 3rd-Brissett-QB 3rd-Valentine-DT 4th-Mitchell-WR 6th-Kamu Grugler-Hill-OLB 6th-Roberts-ILB 6th-Karras-G 7th-Lucien-WR 2. Carolina Panthers: 1st-Butler-DT 2nd-Bradberry-CB 3rd-Worley-CB 5th-Sanchez-CB 7th-Sandland-TE 3. Arizona Cardinals: 1st-Nkemdiche-DE 3rd-Williams-CB 4th-Boehm-C 5th-Christian-S 5th-Toner-T 6th-Miller-CB
  6. My top 40: 1. Bosa-DE 2. Ramsey-CB/S 3. Tunsil-T 4. Jack-OLB/ILB 5. Buckner-DE/DT 6. Goff-QB 7. Hargreaves-CB 8. Elliott-RB 9. Wentz-QB 10. Stanley-T 11. Decker-T 12. Robinson-DT 13. Treadwell-WR 14. Floyd-OLB 15. Conklin-T 16. Lee-OLB 17. Ragland-ILB 18. Lawson-DE 19. Rankins-DT 20. Nkemdiche-DE 21. Reed-DT 22. Coleman-WR 23. Doctson-WR 24. Apple-CB 25. Jackson-CB 26. Hunter-TE 27. Lynch-QB 28. Ogbah-DE 29. Fuller-WR 30. Billings-DT 31. Dodd-DE 32. Kelly-C 33. Alexander-CB 34. Spence-DE/OLB 35. Henry-RB 36. Bell-S 37. Smith-OLB 38. Joseph-S 39. Whitehair-G 40. Jones-DT Predictions: 1. LA: Goff-QB 2. PH: Wentz-QB 3. SD: Stanley-T 4. DA: Bosa-DE 5. JK: Ramsey-CB 6. BA: Tunsil-T 7. SF: Buckner-DE 8. CL: Jack-OLB 9. TB: Hargreaves-CB 10. NYG: Floyd-OLB 11. CH: Lawson-DE 12. NO-Rankins-DT 13. MI: Elliot-RB 14. OK: Robinson-DT 15. TN: Conklin-T 16. DT: Decker-T 17. AT: Lee-OLB 18. COLTS: Ragland-ILB 19. BF: Treadwell-WR 20. NYJ: Lynch-QB 21. WA: Apple-CB 22. HO: Coleman-WR 23. MN: Doctson-WR 24. CN: Fuller-WR 25. PT: Jackson-CB 26. SE: Reed-DT 27. GB: Hunter-TE 28. KC: Bell-S 29. AZ: Alexander-CB 30. CR: Dodd-DE 31. DN: Nkemdiche-DE
  7. DL: Jones-Anderson-Parry-Langford-McGill-Kerr-Okine-Quarles-Winn Losing Jones for the year was a big blow and has had trouble staying on the field, but should be a big factor going forward. Anderson was playing at a very high level early on, then his production slipped to some degree, before getting hurt. Parry was solid in the middle, but still have my doubts he has the size to be a dominant NT that a 3-4 needs. Langford had a really good year. the rest of the group all showed flashes and McGill stood out, late in the year. Winn is a free agent Draft: If Jones returns, this really isn't a major need area, would like to see a bigger NT , to rotate with Parry, the depth is ok, could use an upgrade there LB: Mathis-Jackson-Freeman-Walden-Cole-Newsome-Herrera-McNary-Moore-Irving-Werner-Studabaker-Sylvestre Mathis was brought along slowly and is still a very good player, but is not the elite player he had been. Walden has played well. Jackson and Freeman both had really good years, Jackson has been one of the better ILB's the past few years and Freeman was lights out down the stretch. Cole wasn't a big factor, but played better at the end of the year. Newsome was a bit of a mystery after a very good rookie year, wasn't much of a factor. McNary-Irving and Moore all had their moments when given reps. Werner has been a decent backup, but doesn't look like is is going to fullfill his potential as a 1st rd. pick. Freeman and Studabaker are free agent's and Freeman should be a priority to bring back. Draft: the defense NEEDS difference makers/pass rushers, whether that be from the DE's, OLB's or a hybrid type player, this is priority #2. maybe #3 and #4. ILB looks to be in good shape, although if there is a good looking player in the middle rounds, would be nice to add some quality youth there. Mathis isn't getting any younger, could use several more players to be put in the mix at OLB , if Newsome takes his game up, that would be ideal. I think the Colts are going to try to get younger and some of the higher priced older players won't be brought back-like Cole. DB: Davis-Toler-Butler-Smith-Adams-Lowery-Geathers-Guy-Anderson-Brown Davis had a good year, but not elite. Toler has not played well for several years and has missed too many games, Butler is a valuable slot cover guy, it's to early to tell if Smith can be the answer. Brown has played well when given reps. Lowery and Adams have both been great additions and have helped solidify the secondary. Geathers looks like he could be a really good player, down the road. Anderson held his own when filling in and him and Guy are two of the better special teams players. Anderson,Lowery and Toler are free agents. Draft: Toler most likely won't be returning, Smith could get the first shot and replacing him, unless a better option is found, either in free agency or the draft, CB is a major need area. Safety is a need area and will be for the next few years, with Adams and Lowery both nearing the end, if Lowery doesn't return, it will be a major need area ST: Adam-McAfee-Overton-Bray Adam had a great year and has shown no signs of slipping. McAfee, if not the best pure punter, is without a doubt, the best all around punter in the NFL...CANNOT believe he was not selected to the Pro Bowl. Overton is one of the best at what he does and Bray looked really good returning. Adam is a free agent and along with Freeman should be at the top of the priority list for next year. Summary: This year was a mess from the first game, inconsisent offense- Luck missing alot of time and not playing very well-when he did play, the O-line's continued struggles, play calling........2 rookie starters on the D-line, players not playing up to their potential....as always-injuries. Despite the 8-8 record and missing the playoffs for only the 3rd time in the past 17 years, this team has a lot of piecies in place. Major need areas: C-OLB-CB need areas: G-T-NT-S
  8. One of the best posts I have ever seen on here
  9. QB:Luck-Hasselbeck-Freeman-Lindley-Morris Luck will be back as prob one the richest players in the NFL and I don't think to much needs to be made from this performance this year, other than he has learned the hard way....slide. Hasselbeck and Whitehurst are free agents. I think the time has come to move on from Hasselbeck and look for a younger backup. Freeman and Lindley played ok, Freeman has had some really quality years as a starting NFL QB. Morris is more of a down the road option. Freeman would be a nice backup, unless there are some more consistent options available, if he could regain the form he had before, that would be a great scenario. Lindley seems like he would be an adequate backup. Draft: not a need area RB: Gore-Herron-Varga-Williams-Bradshaw Gore finished the season just shy of another 1,000 yd season and looked good. Herron has played well when given reps. Herron and Bradshaw are free agents. Varga looked good in limited reps and could develop into a very capable backup. Williams showed speed and burst, also in limited reps and would be a nice change of pace option. Bradshaw will always be an insurance plan, familiar with the system and a nice option, for the several games, he can stay healthy Draft: at some point, a replacement for Gore will need to be drafted, no need to look that far down the road this year. Not a major need area TE: Fleener-Allen-Doyle-Swoope. Fleener, Allen and Doyle are free agents. Fleener has played very well, although this year the TE's as a group were not utilized much, he has improved as a blocker and does have the occasional dropsies, but is a matchup nightmare. Allen has never lived up to his potential and has trouble staying on the field, he has the skill set to one of the better all around TE's in the league-if utilized and is on the field. Doyle is a nice backup and is very versatile. Swoope has the measurables to be very good , but lacks experience. Draft: Don't really think both Fleener and Allen will be brought back, maybe neither. If one of them returns, this will not be a need area. WR: Hilton-Moncreif-Dorsett-Johnson-Whalen-Bray Hilton had a very good year, but did not put up the elite numbers that were expected. Moncrief had a really good year and should continue to elevate his game. Dorsett didn't play much but has the skill set to be a major factor. Johnson wasn't much of a factor and is not likely to return. Whalen looked really good down the stretch and Bray excelled as a returner. The inconsistent offense really affected this group, it was expected to be one of the strengths of the team and should be, next year. Draft: not a need area OL: Castonzo-Mewhort-Harrison-Thortan-Reitz-Good-Holmes-Louis Castonzo is a good LT, but had a down year. Mewhort has gotten better each year and is going to be a very good player at LG.Reitz filled in ok at RT and the Colts seem to be high on Good, who played late in the year. Neither Harrison or Holmes appear to be the answer at C and at RG, Thortan is adequate. Louis is a free agent and not likely to return. Draft: this has been an ongoing weak link on the team and is priority #1 in this years draft. Would like to see Castonzo moved to RT at some point. But there are too many other pressing holes to address that this year. It's really to early to tell if Good is the answer at RT. There HAS to be upgrades at C and RG and possibly RT.
  10. It was fun while it lasted, I mentioned in my last blog how this game would be a challenge to win, especially with our backup QB. The next 4 games are very winnable and with a win yesterday we could have finished with an 8 game win streak...back to reality. To expect that probably wasn't realistic, to expect to go undefeated with our back up QB probably wasn't either. Hasselbeck who has played beyond expectations for 4 games, also came back to reality, he did not play well or look sharp. The steelers are arguably one of the best teams in the league and showed it and showed it in dominating fashion. Not even sure it was as close as the score indicated. Offense: back to the pre-Chud days and back to reality. Hasselbeck ( 16-26-169-TD) looked like he did in the pre season- like a guy hanging on and threw 2 costly interceptions. The running game was ok, but like the early season games, not much of a factor when playing from so far behind. Gore and Herron combined for 15-53 and Gore was also the leading receiver (3-49-TD). The O-line did so-so, considering the patchwork group that was playing, with all 5 guys being new to the spot they played. The stats: 11 first downs....4/17 on 3/4 downs....240 total yards....3 turnovers and just a complete lack of production vs a team that is not one of the better defenses around. Would have to say the worst overall performance of the year. Defense: even worse, just like last years blowout, didn't have any answers, the steelers moved the ball at will, via the pass or run. The pass rush which was at it's best last week, also reverted back to reality, with little to no pressure and finished with ZERO sacks. The CB's have been blasted for lack of performance and although they are not playing at their previous levels, alot of that can attributed to the lack of a pass rush, any QB can thrive when given time, elite QB's will carve you up. Jackson and Adams led the way with 11 tackles and Adams added a forced fumble. Irving and in a lesser role Moore filled in very well for Freeman, with Irving also adding a forced fumble. The stats: 24 first downs....8/13 on 3rd downs...522 total yds....158 rushing yds. Special teams: mostly good, Adam was 1-1 and is now at 17 in a row, McAfee's numbers weren't great , but did a great job of pinning them deep. Bray had his best game to date, including a 60 yd return and the coverage units gave up a TD return (gotta play 60 minutes) Summary: even elite teams have games like this...some times...although it doesn't look good, it does happen...one of those games, you just kind of bury and forget about and move on. There are obvious holes in the roster, lack of difference makers and depth. But still have alot of pieces in place. 4 more games to finish out the year, Luck is expected back in 2 weeks, 10-6 sounds good, 9-7 , more likely and a trip to the postseason, also likely. The hope is Luck comes back and plays like he has played in the past and not how he was played, most of this year. We can still compete with the bad teams, the average teams, even the good teams, but as of now...don't see much reason to believe we can compete with the big boys...this year.
  11. Coach Pagano has made mention of bingo night in his post game speeches, noting the production from the elder statesmen on the team. Hasselbeck as we all know has been amazing, I for one did not expect this kind of production from a 40 year old QB, who really looked ...done....in the pre season. It is well documented how his health was in his first go-round filling in for Luck, how he sucked it up and led the team to a win, he has played very well in all 4 games, we are 4-0 in those games, but vs the bucs, he was outstanding (26-42-315-2 TD's) and the most important stat-0 interceptions! Adam has been outstanding as well, now on a 16 in a row streak! Mathis has been the most consistent pass rusher, which really isn't saying much. Offense: The production was way too one sided, the bucs have one of the better run defenses, but Gore and Bradshaw combined for 23-30-ouch! Bradshaw is now out (again) for the year, talk about bad luck, he just cannot stay healthy, he always brings a lot to the table when he has been healthy and will be missed. Hasselbeck as mentioned played a great game and seemed like the passing game was more aggressive, with more down the field throws, the dink and dunk game plan works, it is the offense brady and new england has primarily used most of his career, it has worked when Hasselbeck has played and I am sure that will continue, when Luck returns. Moncrief (8-114) led the way and has had a great season, Hilton added 6-95-2 TD's, Hasselback also does a great job of spreading the ball around and getting everyone involved. The patchwork O-line struggled, as expected, but that has been a year long issue, regardless of who has been in the lineup. Good starting his first NFL game, had his share of hiccups , but the Colts liked what they saw and think he has a bright future. The tight ends have become more involved since Chud took over, but still need to be featured more. Defense: very good overall effort....344 total yards vs a team that just came off a huge offensive output. The linebacker play has been solid all year, the past few games has also been lights out. Jackson led the way with 11 tackles and a sack and is really playing at a high level, Freeman has stepped up his game and looks more like the player he was a few years ago, more consistent, making more plays, Walden added 2 sacks and backup Irving added another. One of the biggest issues has been the lack of a pass rush, the best performance this year, with consistent pressure and finishing with 5 sacks-Cole even had a sack-wow!! Lowery had another quality game, including an interception and Geathers has really played well, filling in for Adams, as many predicted, he is star waiting to happen. Grigson has taken a beating for some of his decisions and rightfully so, but it has to be noted as well....adding Adams-Lowery-Jackson and Langford,along with drafting Anderson-Parry-Geathers and Smith have all paid off. Just like the team-overall, what he lacks is consistency, every year, has to be a good year and avoid those critical decisions, that takes the team....backwards. Special teams: Adam was 4-4 on field goals, not sure what to say that hasn't t been said about the level McAfee has been playing the past few years, but he is DOMINANT!! coverage units-very good, Bray-adequate. A prime time game this week vs the steelers, before finishing the year vs 4 teams that should result in wins. Taking the half full approach, getting a big win this week will be a challenge, but an 8 game win streak to finish out the year would sure change some people's perspective on a lot of things, getting Luck back and heading into the postseason on a big time roll....it could be worse.
  12. Thanks EDCB...I try to be realistic as well and that would seem to indicate there isn't much of a chance to go deep in the post season , based on what we have seen...yet....it happens every year...if we can fix a few things, get on a roll.....anything can happen. But I think the overwhelming majority feel, that this team will not get where we all want it to go, with the current leader (s)
  13. We always hear this team is gritty, resiliant, that was for sure that type of game...was not pretty, but in the end, we had 3 more points than they did, the broncos were not at full strength last week, but the bottom line is this team has won 2 games now vs very good teams and regardless of the circumstance...that is a positive. The schedule the rest of the way is filled with win-able games. Defense: wanted to start with the defense this week, because they were the difference in the game, maybe not great, not dominant, but a very impressive effort-across the board. Starting with D.Jackson who had a monster game....7 tackles...with a big time pick six and sack in crunch time....awesome game!!! The LB's group as a whole really played well-Freemen led the way with 10 tackles, Walden added 4 along with a forced fumble.....the patchwork D-line held up......the DB's were good, Geathers ( 8 tackles) had a nice game filling in for Adams. The pass rush has been a tad better, but really needs to be much better, going forward. With more of the same....short fields, key players out, they really stepped up........and played a very solid game...the big key, as usual.............4 turnovers. Offense: really didn't do much stat wise...efficiant comes to mind. Hasselback was 23-32-213-2 TD's and 2 int.., Gore and Bradshaw combined for 23-66 rushing...... Gore added 5-46 as the top receiver and Bradshaw added 2 TD's. 276 total yds and 3 turnovers. The O-line, like the rest of this group....adequate Special teams: another very good game for the kickers...Adam has now hit his last 12 field goals, including the game winner and McAfee (copy and paste) excelled. Bray has looked very good, had big return called back Summary: that was a very good team we faced today, they didn't play their A-game......with the way things have gone this year, you take them anyway you can get them and just try to keep piling up wins, just need to keep playing gritty and keep finding ways to win games. There is still plenty of room for improvement, plenty of time to try to get things better.......in the last 5 games we have a 7 point loss to new england....6 point loss to the saints....3 point loss to the panthers and back to back 3 point wins over the broncos and falcons.... we are not there...but it does seem like we are trending up.
  14. it's not a true C grade...... as mentioned, Jones has missed the entire year, we were playing with our #4 and #5 CB's, at times, other guys have missed time, which is part of the bussiness, and with the offense being so bad, short fields, not sustaining drives, the defense is on the field way too much and put in bad situations, way too much, I think they have done a decent job , considering all of those factors....just my opinion, appreciate yours as well
  15. I really believe that some fans miss the fact that every team in the league has holes, to me the biggest difference between levels is how many difference makers you have and right now, our overall roster is good, just lack those impact players...thanks KK Luck and Hilton on offense have both not had played up to their expectations or previous production Mathis and Davis on defense, the same, that's not enough elite players and they have all had down seasons.
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