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  1. RB: Josh Ferguson-5'10-198-Illinois-4.4 highest rating:#4 (Athlon) average rating: #10 3 year starter team captain OFF P.O.Y. Illinois record 168 receptions and 2nd in all-time all purpose yds leading rusher for East in East/West gm. very good receiver-best hands in draft (RB) WR: Tevaun Smith-6-205-Iowa-4.4 highest rating: #40 ( NFL.com) average rating: #52 Danny Anthop-6-192-Purdue-4.3 highest rating: #40 ( Our lads) average rating: #59 very fast slot receiver 2 year starter 5-120,93 TD in Eas
  2. Draft: 1/18-Ryan Kelly-C-6'4"-311-Alabama-5.0 #1 rated C by Mike Mayock-NFL.com-CBS 3 yr. starter Remington and Jacob award winner USA Today All-american All SEC 2/57-T.J.Green-FS-6'2-209-Clemson-4.3 highest rating: #2 (Fox sports) average rating: #6 former WR 2nd fastest DB in draft Possible CB raw, with great size/speed ratio 3/82- Le'Raven Clark-T-6'6-316-Texas Tech-5.0 highest rating: #4 (NFL.com) average rating: #7 longest arms in the draft: 36" 4 year starter (1RT-3 LT) All big 12 (3 ye
  3. Any rating is pure speculation...it takes 2-3 years to really rate a draft class......but for now..... 1. Baltimore Ravens: 1st-Stanley-T 2nd-Correa-LB 3rd-Kaufasi-DE 4th-Young-CB 4th-Moore-WR 4th-Lewis-T 4th-Henry-DT 4th-Dixon-RB 5th-Judon-DE 6th-Reynolds-RB 7th-Canady-CB 2. Tennesee Titans: 1st-Conklin-T 2nd-Dodd-DE 2nd-Johnson-DT 2nd-Henry-RB 3rd-Byard-S 5th-Sharpe-WR 5th-Sims-CB 6th-Tretola-G 7th-Wallace-OLB 7th-Reed-CB 3. Detroit Lions: 1st-Dec
  4. My top 40: 1. Bosa-DE 2. Ramsey-CB/S 3. Tunsil-T 4. Jack-OLB/ILB 5. Buckner-DE/DT 6. Goff-QB 7. Hargreaves-CB 8. Elliott-RB 9. Wentz-QB 10. Stanley-T 11. Decker-T 12. Robinson-DT 13. Treadwell-WR 14. Floyd-OLB 15. Conklin-T 16. Lee-OLB 17. Ragland-ILB 18. Lawson-DE 19. Rankins-DT 20. Nkemdiche-DE 21. Reed-DT 22. Coleman-WR 23. Doctson-WR 24. Apple-CB 25. Jackson-CB 26. Hunter-TE 27. Lynch-QB 28. Ogbah-DE 29. Fuller-WR 30. Billings-DT 31. Dod
  5. DL: Jones-Anderson-Parry-Langford-McGill-Kerr-Okine-Quarles-Winn Losing Jones for the year was a big blow and has had trouble staying on the field, but should be a big factor going forward. Anderson was playing at a very high level early on, then his production slipped to some degree, before getting hurt. Parry was solid in the middle, but still have my doubts he has the size to be a dominant NT that a 3-4 needs. Langford had a really good year. the rest of the group all showed flashes and McGill stood out, late in the year. Winn is a free agent Draft: If Jones returns, this really isn't a
  6. One of the best posts I have ever seen on here
  7. QB:Luck-Hasselbeck-Freeman-Lindley-Morris Luck will be back as prob one the richest players in the NFL and I don't think to much needs to be made from this performance this year, other than he has learned the hard way....slide. Hasselbeck and Whitehurst are free agents. I think the time has come to move on from Hasselbeck and look for a younger backup. Freeman and Lindley played ok, Freeman has had some really quality years as a starting NFL QB. Morris is more of a down the road option. Freeman would be a nice backup, unless there are some more consistent options available, if he could regai
  8. It was fun while it lasted, I mentioned in my last blog how this game would be a challenge to win, especially with our backup QB. The next 4 games are very winnable and with a win yesterday we could have finished with an 8 game win streak...back to reality. To expect that probably wasn't realistic, to expect to go undefeated with our back up QB probably wasn't either. Hasselbeck who has played beyond expectations for 4 games, also came back to reality, he did not play well or look sharp. The steelers are arguably one of the best teams in the league and showed it and showed it in dominating fas
  9. Coach Pagano has made mention of bingo night in his post game speeches, noting the production from the elder statesmen on the team. Hasselbeck as we all know has been amazing, I for one did not expect this kind of production from a 40 year old QB, who really looked ...done....in the pre season. It is well documented how his health was in his first go-round filling in for Luck, how he sucked it up and led the team to a win, he has played very well in all 4 games, we are 4-0 in those games, but vs the bucs, he was outstanding (26-42-315-2 TD's) and the most important stat-0 interceptions! Adam h
  10. Thanks EDCB...I try to be realistic as well and that would seem to indicate there isn't much of a chance to go deep in the post season , based on what we have seen...yet....it happens every year...if we can fix a few things, get on a roll.....anything can happen. But I think the overwhelming majority feel, that this team will not get where we all want it to go, with the current leader (s)
  11. We always hear this team is gritty, resiliant, that was for sure that type of game...was not pretty, but in the end, we had 3 more points than they did, the broncos were not at full strength last week, but the bottom line is this team has won 2 games now vs very good teams and regardless of the circumstance...that is a positive. The schedule the rest of the way is filled with win-able games. Defense: wanted to start with the defense this week, because they were the difference in the game, maybe not great, not dominant, but a very impressive effort-across the board. Starting with D.Jackson wh
  12. it's not a true C grade...... as mentioned, Jones has missed the entire year, we were playing with our #4 and #5 CB's, at times, other guys have missed time, which is part of the bussiness, and with the offense being so bad, short fields, not sustaining drives, the defense is on the field way too much and put in bad situations, way too much, I think they have done a decent job , considering all of those factors....just my opinion, appreciate yours as well
  13. I really believe that some fans miss the fact that every team in the league has holes, to me the biggest difference between levels is how many difference makers you have and right now, our overall roster is good, just lack those impact players...thanks KK Luck and Hilton on offense have both not had played up to their expectations or previous production Mathis and Davis on defense, the same, that's not enough elite players and they have all had down seasons.
  14. DL: Langford has had a really good year and his addition has been huge, due to the inexperience of this group and injuries. Anderson was playing at a very high level early on , but his production has dropped off and is now out, Parry has been solid in the middle. Winn has looked good, Kerr is a capable backup, but depth is almost non existent. Jones missing the year was a big blow. Grade: D LB: Mathis is slowly getting back to his previous form, Walden has had a good year, Jackson has excelled inside and is leading the league in tackles, Freeman has been decent and ranks 7th in the AFC for
  15. thanks KK...enjoy your meal
  16. The strange thing about Grigson is you would think he would get better, each year, learn as he goes and it seems like just the oppisite, each year, he seems to get worse. Hard to forecast what irsay is thinking, he seems to like Grigson, he has some tough decisions to make and the future of this era, depends on what those are.
  17. thanks , as always, appreciate the input EDCB....the more I think about it, the more I would like to see Pagano stay on, he does lack some of those elite coaching skills, but is still learning and I think the fact that the players love him and would run through a brick wall for him, more than makes for that lack of intangibles...Grigson is also learning and maybe someday will be that guy, but as of now, he is the problem
  18. QB: Luck has not played well, the inconsistent O-line play, less than steller play by the receivers and injuries haven't helped, but his judgement, reads, accuracy and overall production is more like a journeyman backup, than an elite player. Hasselbeck has exceded expectations, even moreso considering his poor showing in the pre season and his performance vs the texans was one for the ages, with Luck out his production down the stretch is critical. grade:D RB: Gore has been one of the few pluses in this years offense, is having a great year, despite being held back by the overall lack of c
  19. If we could bottle it up and sell it...we would be rich!!! How a team can look so pathetic vs lower rated teams, then look totally different vs elite teams...I have seen this many times, over the years, it really defies logic, it sometimes appears that guys are just going through the motions, then just start focusing????? I guess that is why this sport is so crazy popular. Bad games happen and sometimes happen vs teams you are supossed to beat, but in the big picture, what really matters is when you are facing an elite team, can you compete...in the 3 games vs new england-carolina and denver,
  20. thats new englands depth chart, not trying to be argumentative, but show me how they are signifcantly more talented....my opinion, our starting 22 , is better than there 22 and even if somebody doesn't agree with that, its definatly not much better, than ours.....I believe the difference is what you do with that what you...with schemes, coaching,etc......I believe we have enough talent to compete, is the intangibles where this team has failed appreciate the input
  21. If you look at the game stats, the totals for each team, were almost indentical, rushing yards, total yards, turnovers, return yards, 3rd down ratio...so what was the difference? This team for whatever reason, starts out slow, always have, they dig a hole, sometimes huge and then fight and claw to get back in the game. The panthers are arguably the hottest team in the NFL and in the end, we had a chance and prob should have won the game....first crack in overtime and even the 2nd time, but again, came up short. The new england game and this game, shows this team can compete with the big boys,
  22. I wont get into the Manning debate anymore, been there done that about 1,000 times and about 998 of them agree with you. When I saw Hackenburg as a freshman, I thought he had the chance of being great in the NFL and just because he has been struggling hasn't changed my opinion too much When Luck was drafted I made it known I think he will retire as the best QB in NFL history ( and for the record still would not have dumped Manning and drafted Luck) you can it a mini slump and that well could be, but what I have seen this year is a QB who , without the hype , may not be an NFL starter (based on
  23. Always enjoy having a chance to vent.....since I will always believe dumping a Hall of fame QB to the curb, was one of the un-classiest moves in the history of any sport and have to add, anybody is who sees it any different is kidding themselves and don't care to debate that any further....and move on to the subject at hand....I was born 30 minutes outside the PSU campus and watched Hackenburg light it up as a freshman and was thinking, he may be better than Luck- then watched him not look very good,since, for various reasons and wonder , how good will he be in the NFL....have to go backtrack
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