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Colts/Bengals-AFC South champs



In spite of the recent events, we are the AFC south champs, which is not the only goal everybody had, but it certainly isn't a bad thing

One thing this has brought to light, at least to me, is what I have said (many times) the 2-14 colts, were not a bad football team, we all have seen what injuries can do to a team and when a "key" player is lost (Reggie) it can have a major effect on the entire team and process, so when a player (Manning ) is lost for the year and the team struggles, that doesn't make the team bad or lack talent (or need to be rebuilt) what would our record be this year, without Luck? ...answer: not very good

Positives- on defense...not much

special teams....not much...other than Sergio

Brown being a force-every week...Rainey has that explosion you look for in a returner, but has also fumbled twice in the 2 games he has been in there.....not sure why he hasn't been given more reps with the offense, he would be a major mismatch, out of the backfield

offense- a little.....loved seeing Rogers and Brazill, get some serious reps...and serious production...Richardson even broke a couple of runs!!!!! The running game isn't going to be much of a factor, until the defense can hold the score down to a reasonable differential.

next up, another division game vs the Texans

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forgot to mention the unexcusable job by Tripplett, I know , we can't blame the refs, but he was blatantly wrong and I do not see how the league can overlook an obvious case of ......I have no idea what I am doing or talking about, and do not understand the rules of this game

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It was a blatantly bad call. The guy admits to being tripped...The only player in the vicinity was Chapman from the opposition and clearly the runner's motion shifted after the contact was made...There was a huge difference between being down 7 at that point in the game and getting the ball back as opposed to being down two touchdowns. Total momentum killer when the defense thinks they are coming off a hard won battle at the goal line. Not a good performance the entire afternoon by the defense, but that was one blow that they didn't deserve in my opinion.

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It was so bad that even the chiefs where in shock in there booth when Ref's mess up that bad they should be fined

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I guess i am related to spock, if something isnt logical, i really dont want to hear about it or accept it

what does the guy think made him trip???

it was called...down, on the field...there has to be definite proof, to reverse that!!!!!

so we watch the game and watch triplett, act like he left his eyes and brain in the car

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i think a fine is too leniant, when a man displays the inability to function at his job (just like a player) he needs to be sent packing

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