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Donald Brown vs Titans (very small step in the right direction)



That was a step in the right direction....there is still plenty of concerns, but a better all around performance. The difference in the game....Brown and 4 takeaways. This team would be lost without Brown's running, there really wasn't much production from the running game, until the last drive, there really wasn't much production from the offense, until the final drive. Luck did a good job of spreading the ball around, getting Brazill and Havili involved and some good plays from Fleener. The Heyward-Bey reincarnation..ain't working, sit him down, put Rodgers in there.....somebody...anybody, you got nothing to lose.The O-line......not even going to go there...Richardson.....not sure what the future is going to bring, but enough with the ...needs more time to understand the offense...don't know what the problem is, but that isn't it...just like the recent team performances, the talent seems to be there, but the results aren't..I do not know why?

The defense, did just enough to win the game, the takeaways were huge....2 interceptions for Vaughn, another for Freemen (if he doesn't make the pro bowl, it should be discontinued) and another strip-sack for Mathis.

Great game for Adam...5-5 (45-46-47-48-49)

Nice to see some new faces in the lineup, although they weren't all that helpfull, Brown finally got the start at RB ( 6 games too late) Linkenback got the start at Guard (that really didn't work out) Rainey got the reps as a returner and looked good, he just looks like he really is going to break one, every time he touches the ball

Have no idea what to expect, from game to game, that was far from a quality performance, but still resulted in a win... this is a game of making plays, there wasn't alot of plays made, but there were plays made, when they needed to be made

Next up....the Bengals, it's going to take a lot better performance to get a win in that game

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Good comments. Yes, against the Bengals, this team is going to have to be far more productive moving the ball. Defense today was positive and really won the game. Freeman and Mathis again are super studs. I'm seriously buying a Freeman jersey like immediately. I love everything about this guy, how he is involved on every play and literally changes the game. Our secondary was surprisingly good- I think they answered the criticism from the last couple weeks today. If they play the tight coverage with few breakdowns as they did today, I think this is one of the better NFL units. Overall though, I think we are an average football team right now- middle of the pack. We had early successes this year, but we have lost key components to the offense and haven't had answers. Injuries are part of this game, and how NFL teams adapt week to week says everything. The team has been digressing offensively.

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not sure how a team can go from..... maybe the best in the league..to....?

take away Brown and those takeaways and it was another loss...and a game where there really wasn't much production, the offense is non existent, the defense is adequate at best and the special teams are below average.

what they do have is something.................that allows them to compete, when there is very little production...there is talent on this team, just doesn't show up often (lately)

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Trent Richardson needs an O-line to run with. Pep wants a "power run offense" but the O-Line is not power run material. trust me, Trent is a great player, he just needs a full offseason and a real O-line to run with.


Richardson isnt the type to need a fullback to run with. he wants the space to move and see the field. he is at his best in the singleback formation. And besides, the O-line he ran with in Cleveland was solid! our O-Line? Eh not so good.

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