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Colts/Cards ( the meltdown continues)



Still trying to figure this last month out

I know Reggie's injury is part of it and the rest of the guys are I.R are taking a toll, but .....................

The defense is only missing a few parts and that's a normal, every week scenario in the NFL, but they are being shredded, can't stop the run or pass

The special teams have been going down hill

The offense is a complete mess, Luck hasn't even looked that good, can't say their is no running game, because there never is when you are getting blown out

It "looks" like a team that is clueless....not even sure they would be favored in the NCAA, at this point

It "looks" like a team that is not prepared and/or has very little talent, I never thought a Pagano coached team would like this bad and other than the players on I.R, it's the same group that beat some of the leagues best teams, so it can't be lack of talent. All teams have off weeks, but not sure I can recall a team that played so well, look this bad and it is very bad, it's not a few plays, or parts of the team looking bad, it's a complete-overall lack of productivity and execution

I keep hanging my hat on those few games when they seemed to play complete team football as a reason to stay positive, but this has been going on too long, I prefer to be realistic.

There has to be something very critical to playing sound football, that is lacking, I have not figured out, what that is.

Last week I mentioned just get into the postseason and .............you never know

The play of this team the past month gives no reason to believe they can win another game....but there are plenty of mediocre teams in this league, so it is possible

I am hoping whatever it is that is lacking, can be turned around, there is enough talent and I do think Pagano is a very good coach, so ..we will see how the rest of the year developes?

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Not sure if I made my point clear...when a team plays that bad for that long, it is usually lack of coaching, talent or effort, I am not really sure which of those options it is .....or most likely a combination of all of them.....which is really hard to digest, if that is the reason?

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Thanks Colts7, think you and I agree that players getting injured is part of the game (IR).  Getting your butt kicked is part of the game but getting embarrassed is not part of the game!  Getting embarrassed is PRIDE!  As a coach once said, we must take responsibility from the owner, HC, equiptment manager all the way down to the hot dog vendor and ticket taker.

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My name being Pagano, means I'm probably related, however I believe this whole nightmare began when coach allowed the team a week off durning bye week, Hasn't been the same since! You should know how to tackle and catch a football when

You finally make it to NFL! It's deer in the headlight syndrome !

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Ok,I'm back to express my thoughts after Tenn. victory I watched in agony once more! Please someone explain as Lombardy once said," WHAT THE HELL's GOING ON AROUND HERE" I'm 60 years old and probably can catch better than , Ole Hayward Bey shrimp topper!! Why upper management didn't see that they had a running back right under their nose, trading for an O linemen would been worth a #1 pick? Coach we are related somewhere down the Pagano line, my sons and brothers all bleed both TARHEEL and COLT blue! We hope to meet you one day! Go Colt's

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I know hindsight is 20/20, Richardson was an all pro waiting to happen, when he was drafted and 2 years later, everyone is still waiting, makes me wonder if he is ever going to be that guy (not looking too promising) having that pick to address the O-line or WR, right now, would be great

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