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Colts/Titans (Jekyll and Hyde continues)



What the .....

either you are a good team, or you are not......what is with this beat the really good teams, struggle with the rest.....CANNOT execute, until after halftime....there is an exceptable reason for why that might happen (not saying it is) although it's not something to be proud of....it is still about winning....and that is happening.....really,really strange season!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of things really stood out....Donald Brown is playing lights out, which is a REALLY good thing, think about where this offense and team would be without his production. It's amazing...Richardson gets rep after rep...1-3 yards, Brown comes in...6-8-12, thank you (somebody) for giving him more than 3-4 touches/game and Fleener (8-107) had a breakout game, all everyone has talked about is somebody (besides) Hilton has to be a factor in the passing game, hopefully Rodgers will be given some reps and see what he can do, the rest still are not getting it done. Last week Herron had a big run (just trying to get the game over with ) and last night, made another play, a game changer.

On defense Angerer and Freemen have been dominating the tackle stats and Mathis went sackless

I have been critical of McAfee, all year, but have read several reports about him having a pro bowl season???? That sure isn't what I have been seeing

A long rest, after the short week,then a visit to ex-coach Arians and his Cardinals, that should be interesting

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