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  1. I do not enjoy losing when your the better team that day and your coach helps the other team way to go analytical Frank
  2. Keep in touch your one of the more logical take care GO COLTS
  3. I was going to mention those games had the same exact thoughts have been a colts fan since 1968 this one really hurt. I have friends who are Buffalo fans calling me and said we never should have lost that gam ,and they love Reich but said he blew it. We where the better team
  4. I honestly think our best chance to win the whole thing was this year, Reich decision's cost us that game against Buffalo going for it on 4th and 4 up 10-7 was to aggressive our offense was keeping Allen of the field giving him less chances to score, and that time out on the fumble was ridiculous it was so obvious it was not .I no we had some dropped passes and missed field goal plus that one bad penalty.
  5. Good point after watching both Buffalo and Baltimore I still think were the better team
  6. You mean compete with Allen the Bills as a team where average, we had better talent
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