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  1. THANKS brings back memories I live in New Jersey and would go to the games in Baltimore.
  2. The Original SACK PACK in the late 70s Dutton,Barnes,Cook, Ehermann
  3. Think he would look a lot better if Luck was still QB
  4. Hate that Tampa 2 D unless you have 2 bookends like Freeney and Mathis
  5. All i can ever think of when i see his name is the famous Trent Richardson
  6. Grigson ruined Lucks career and Pagano did not help they remind of the movie DUMB AND DUMBER
  7. CHIEFS 35 COLTS 17 our D is
  8. Ballard wants a complete team unless we get a really good D Coby will not be enough with Luck we always had a chance. This Tampa Bay 2 D is great if you have Dwight Freeny and Robert Mathis as your bookends.These big O lines knock us around like bowling pins its hard to watch.
  9. Let him walk not worth the money he dropped at least 4 today this is why the lions did not resign him. When ever i watched a lion game he was always dropping wide open passes
  10. No excuses but where playing better teams then last year and its showing. Our D line keeps getting abused we still have a long way to go. I think the last time the Colts had a good D was in the mid 70.Every 3rd down is and automatic 1st no matter the distance its getting hard to watch.
  11. Like what Ballard is doing just do not trust COBY
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