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  1. Do not think he will take chance just have to wait and get a comp pick next year
  2. Hope they keep Kelly has more upside then Walker
  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Every time he comes up with and injury I think of the bad decision Irsay made hiring the 2 STOOGES GRIGSON and PAGANO
  4. Should have traded him 2 years ago
  5. Next year DRAFT A QB I am sick of LUCK'S INJURY LIST
  6. Liked Kelly I have the feeling he might be needed to back up Brissett Luck always has something going on
  7. We looked like we were playing in slow motion
  8. We better draft a QB next year luck is injured to often
  9. I thought they should have traded him before this past draft. Many teams including the Browns before Mayfield was picked were willing to give up a lot.Its already 3 months and the calf is still not right its always something and it will not end
  10. My favorite QB on the Colts was BERT JONES he never won any SB but what and arm and tough as they come
  11. Did he originally play for the PATS if yes no wonder
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