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  1. He looked very relaxed very impressive
  2. Hope they do not resign him give the young guys a chance
  3. I am looking forward to a top 5 pick SEASON OVER D was horrible might as well start Eason. Play calling was Hines, Hines Hines, How do yo let Minshew go 19-20 same old Colts D brings back memories of PAGANO . Love my Colts expected more its only 1 game but the JAGS come on Reich.
  4. BLANKENSHIP 4 field goals and wins it with a 50 yard kick as time runs out
  5. Thanks for the memories miss that time and era
  6. He once through the ball on his knees from the 50 yard line through the goal post
  7. Bert is and always be my favorite Colts QB and player miss those day's.If not for all the injuries its scary to think what might have been what and arm.Loved that era
  8. Love Manning but timing was right for him to go
  10. The only easy games I see are the Bengals and lions. We always find way's to lose to the Pittsburgh,jets
  11. Taylor had a lot of carries in college so sharing with Mack would be the smart move.
  12. ? Very strange drafting by Ballard so far liked Pittman next too picks
  13. I like Ballard but I think the 49ers should have given us another draft pick in return
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