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  1. Love the way he does his business
  2. I do not think the Colts should resign him we need to get our up and coming new WR more involved. And who no's what QB will be here next year
  3. Adam cost at least 3 or 4 games last year
  4. Would love to get him I live NJ and see him all the time he is just in a bad spot with the Jets, he has nothing to work with he is smart and a good arm.
  5. Our D made it easy for Mayfield no pass rush at all but old man Rivers is starting to show his true colors
  6. Every time he gets set to throw I hold my breathe but the D looks good
  7. Where to banged up Browns34-16
  8. He looked very relaxed very impressive
  9. Hope they do not resign him give the young guys a chance
  10. I am looking forward to a top 5 pick SEASON OVER D was horrible might as well start Eason. Play calling was Hines, Hines Hines, How do yo let Minshew go 19-20 same old Colts D brings back memories of PAGANO . Love my Colts expected more its only 1 game but the JAGS come on Reich.
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