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  1. Pep, could design plays that spread our receivers and play two TE set! This opens up the middle and would allow QB the option to take off for at minimum 5-8 yrs and then slide!! Seen it to many time Sunday and we didn't take advantage!! Maybe tomorrow!!!
  2. Good day colt fans, Sunday is approaching fast and as a life time colts fan I write my thoughts! Trust me when I say, I would love to see our beloved team win the SB, however this wish will become just another pipe dream! We will never win a championship with the current front office and coaching staff! It's appalling when you read the latest moves or trades by the great Grison and hate to say but New owenership wouldn't hurt as well, not to judge but, the poor man has a drug and alcohol problem and focus not present at all, I mean come on man, you a billionaire and can't cant take a cab or ca
  3. It all starts with fundamentals, and GM is responsible for building a team around a potential great QB! O line, what a joke, RB, are you kiddie ins me!, D, mediocre at best! Only upside TY and Coby. I mentioned this last season and was criticized for my comments about Grisham and Pagano. Perhaps we may get lucky and win a PO game, but watching yesterday it gonna be a uphill task! Totally gigged by my Dallas buddies, much growe eaten and as I always do on Monday morning watched post comments of Coach, and as always a redundant choice of words," all fazes of game" oh really!!!! Come on Irsay mak
  4. TR, what a waste! The reason can't hit the holes is because it can't see them, his head is always down when he runs!!! We need to do something quick, and BTW, when Davis is out we are even worse on D!
  5. Why management give up a #1 for Richerson? I feel bad for the guy, OL can't open holes and he needs to go North and south instead of trying to juke and cut, not quick enought for those moves, Bradshaw could and it was evident! Why not go get Incognito and other OL help? What a mess we are in, anxiety for me each week! Come On Man get yo sh^* together, for all Colt nation!!
  6. Now what do you think about my statement, bounced last season in second round by guess who.. What da think about last Sunday night? And oh yea, how about TR, great pick Grigs! Andrew has to do it all, D. still can't tackle OL can't block! And last great pic in Hicks, come on man!!!
  7. PLAYOFF's, PLAYOFF's! We can't even win a game..... Remember Mora? Déjà u all over again!! If we continue to play like we did Sunday, don't expect PLAYOFF's...
  8. WORD!!! Bruce loving the desert don't think he's coming back! John Gruden got my vote!!!
  9. Hate to agree with you, but WORD! I'vehave said same in the past and got blasted hear! Sunday night was brutal and hard to watch. Coach is a good man, but we will never win a SB with him or Grich at the helm! Patriots own them!
  10. Ok, so just watched R. Grigson press conference and let me say, had to bite my lip a few times to keep from swearing listening to his comments from the Indy press core. I'm so tired of these talking heads who get paid the big bucks to entertain the press with extraordinary nonsense! He speaks about B Werner and saids , he needs to get stronger, that's a comment a college coach would make about an in coming freshmen not a first round draft pick, he says Werner had issue while at FSU durning the off seasons getting stronger due to nagging injuries, we'll Hello, why would you draft a guy who ha
  11. I agree with everything said, however; catch the ball in clutch situations is paramount! When you get promoted from PS, you have the chance to prove, D. Rogers blew is opportunity! I have no clue about the defense and last TR, what do they do with him other than put a package together for trade, once again I fear the Gm will blow it again! Until next year Go Colts!!
  12. Branch may have his swan song Saturday! Let's pray Landry plays and Trent is compelled with divine intervention! My wife and I visited Boston back in November , first time for me and the weather was gray and cold,however; I visioned my colts returning this year for a run, and it was a good feeling! Once again as I mentioned before I have the same last name as coach Pagano and this has to mean something , so coach perhaps you will read this and I can share some mojo I have to propel the team to world champs!
  13. Ok,I'm back to express my thoughts after Tenn. victory I watched in agony once more! Please someone explain as Lombardy once said," WHAT THE HELL's GOING ON AROUND HERE" I'm 60 years old and probably can catch better than , Ole Hayward Bey shrimp topper!! Why upper management didn't see that they had a running back right under their nose, trading for an O linemen would been worth a #1 pick? Coach we are related somewhere down the Pagano line, my sons and brothers all bleed both TARHEEL and COLT blue! We hope to meet you one day! Go Colt's
  14. My name being Pagano, means I'm probably related, however I believe this whole nightmare began when coach allowed the team a week off durning bye week, Hasn't been the same since! You should know how to tackle and catch a football when You finally make it to NFL! It's deer in the headlight syndrome !
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