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  1. believe it or not, the colts defense is better off without LaRon Landry. Now hear me out on this. Landry is a physicall specimen whose athleticism is out of this world. But he cannot cover. Sergio Brown and Delano Howell have filled in and made our pass coverage much much better.
  2. I watched Bradshaw play in NY. He needs another back to complement him. If Bradshaw gets all the carries, he WILL get hurt. oh yeah and its "nicks". Hakeem "Nicks" may be quiet in the regular season, but he is a playoff performer. we need guys like him. dont be so quick to judge.
  3. Trent Richardson needs an O-line to run with. Pep wants a "power run offense" but the O-Line is not power run material. trust me, Trent is a great player, he just needs a full offseason and a real O-line to run with. Richardson isnt the type to need a fullback to run with. he wants the space to move and see the field. he is at his best in the singleback formation. And besides, the O-line he ran with in Cleveland was solid! our O-Line? Eh not so good.
  4. a full offseason and a real O-Line is what he needs. this O-Line is not really Power-Run Material. the interior line isnt too good. this offseason, we need a RG and a C.
  5. but i do agree with wat you said with everything else
  6. Donald brown= 1 lol i honestly never knew that donald brown would still be on this team. he was a reach in the first round. he's mediocre. i still think they should have gotten hakeem nicks.
  7. his history of concussions make him too much of a risk
  8. as of right now paul kruger andy levitre
  9. WOW! I know the colts have alot of cap space but jesus! things you should consider.... 1. Mike Wallace PROBABLY would have come if we still had B.A. but now that is not happening. mike wallace is not the best route runner, and since we are running a west coast now, we need a route running, sure-handed WR. not someone who can go downfield. i would love that too, but it just wont happen. 2. yea freeney should be cut, but you cant trade him 3. Deangelo williams is actually a pretty good idea. but his injuries have made him an inconsistent back. 4. Brian Hartline is pretty decent, but you might as
  10. Anthony Spencer! we need a linebacker like anthony spencer on the colts Dwight freeney played AWFUL in a 3-4 he cant cover and is used to putting his hands on the ground and rushing the passer. spencer can play the run very well and can rush the passer as well. im surrounded by a family of cowboys fans. spencer wants money, we got it!
  11. nice article! i totally agree that OL is very important and you are completely right with going to free agency for that. now on to the other things: there is no way dashon goldson will even hit free agency. SF will show them the money getting anthony spencer is a great idea! im in a family of Cowboys fans, i watch him all the time. he can rush the passer and can stop the run. the only problem is he cant cover for crap! and i have been a colts fan for about 8 years now, and from what i remember, bob sanders was only good for 2 seasons, (in my opinion, '05 and '07) he was undersized and in
  12. i want to be completely honest that Antonio Johnson and Fili Moala need to go. they just dont serve the purpose of that "bad butt" NT that we need. in baltimore, chuck had a guy like haloti ngata who plugs up those running lanes like a monster. i firmly believe that the colts should go for a NT in the first round. as for the linebackers, i couldnt have said it better myself. jerrell freemen and Pat angerer are both solid LB's but Dwight needs to go. he's just to slow and old to do what he used to. he is used to putting his hands on the ground and rushing the passer in the 4-3 scheme. and aft
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