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Big Boss Man! Cory Redding!



The Big Boss Man!! Man I love Luck but the Big Boss man which I'm now giving that name to is, CORY REDDING!!! He Pumps me up!!! I literally watch every Colts highlight from all Colts videos from everywhere and this guy is Big, Tall, and when I need to be refreshed he gives me a big glass of WATER and refreshes me !!!! I'm not sure if I've heard much about this guy around

but this guy besides Luck has got to be keeping this team pumped up!!! I wish I could put up every

link I could on this guy pumping the team up but would take to long. This guy has got to be one of the best additions to this team in a long time for me. Well I just want to give my recognition to the man

I now call- THE BIG BOSS MAN!!!




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Ah yes I love Cory! We can! We will! We must! When I went to the Bills Colts game a couple of weeks ago, I was able to shake his hand and get an autograph. I bought his jersey while in Indy as well-- he's my favorite player on defense; he's always in on the play! I was very happy to see him make captain!

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AWESOME ConBro!!! As I get time, I have every video of Cory rounded up since he got here, so as I get time I'll put all the links here!! Love this guys Enthusiasm!!!


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Indianapolis Colts Name Team Captains

It may be welcomed. It may be past-due. It may be a catalyst for a team on the brink of unprecedented success, but the Indianapolis Colts have named six team captains for the remainder of the season.

This move is unexpected, as the Colts have rotated team captains on a week-by-week basis, throughout this season so far. For one reason or another, the move was made this week, and the team captains will remain for the rest of the season. Six players total, two from offense, two from defense, and two from special teams, were anointed the title of team captain for the upstart Indianapolis Colts.

Rookie quarterback Andrew Luck and 12-year veteran wide out Reggie Wayne were named team captains on offense. Linebacker Robert Mathis and defensive end Cory Redding, who are both in their tenth year as a pro, were named as defensive captains. Punter Pat McAffe and safety/kick returner Joe Lefeged have been named as captains on special teams.

Not only is this decision to pick team captains this late in the season a surprise, it is a change for what the Colts have done so far this season. The captains were chosen by teammates. These moves show confidence and solidarity, for a team that has already surpassed expectations, and will continue to push their way back to prominence.

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Posted recently I would Love to have 3 more Cory Reddings. He is talented, relentless, and a GREAT Leader. The best D-Lineman here since Bugger McFarland helped lead our D to a SB Win.

Anyone like Vontae the tackling Machine today. I`ll take two more Vontaes please.

Week after week Luck throws a huge number of uncatchable balls. Ugly to watch!

Manning played scared in the pocket for 5+ Years, gonna have to admit Andrew has something like that going on.

Of course with this O-Line, all the deep routes (HE is Looking for), he should be nervous.

He sure got racked all game long. WOW!

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INDIANAPOLIS – This week the Indianapolis Colts announced defensive end Cory Reddingicon-article-link.gif as their local “Man of the Year” winner for his commitment to community service and his leadership both on and off the field. As the local winner of this award, Redding is eligible to be considered for the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year, the highest distinction an NFL player can receive for his efforts both on and off the field. The award is named in honor of the late Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton.

Cory Redding joined the Indianapolis Colts on March 14, 2012 as a nine-year NFL veteran. Over the past eight months, Redding has quickly become a leader and community advocate for the Colts. To that end, Redding was named a defensive captain for the team last week.

“Cory brings a great spirit to our team every day,” said interim head coach Bruce Arians. “He is a caring teammate, compassionate towards all, on and off field. His work in the community is outstanding, along with his commitment to his alma mater. Cory is true leader in all aspects.”

In 2007, Redding started the Cory Redding Foundation to support educational, recreational and community assistance programs for at-risk populations. The foundation’s current programs include the 3D Football Camp, the Cory Redding Middle School Challenge program and a partnership with Meals and Wheels in Austin, TX which provides meals for more than 5,000 individuals each year. In 2012, Redding and his wife, Priscilla, donated $100,000 to start the Cory and Priscilla Redding Family Scholarship at the University of Texas.

Locally, Redding started his Middle School Challenge program at Longfellow Middle School, participated in the team’s Community Ticket Block program to provide 150 tickets, meal vouchers and cinch bags to students during the Colts season, participated in WTHR Channel 13’s “Shatter the Silence” campaign to raise awareness for domestic abuse and child abuse, and served as a spokesman for the Million Meal Marathon with Kids Against Hunger to help raise more than $15,000 for the event. Redding is a regular participant in the Colts “Community Tuesdays” program, attending the NFL Play 60 Challenge launch, Pamper Her Pink event and Cold Feet, Warm Shoes. Cory also hosts an annual holiday shopping spree for underserved families. Over the past two years, Cory has provided $20,000 to families through these shopping events.

This year on the field, Redding has started all 12 games he has appeared in at defensive end and has totaled 39 tackles (21 solo), two sacks, four passes defensed and one fumble recovery. Against the Vikings in Week 2, he logged a season-high seven tackles while adding one pass defensed and one fumble recovery. Three weeks later against Green Bay (Week 5), Redding contributed with his third-career multiple-sack contest (2.0) and added six tackles. In all, Redding has tallied 446 tackles (300 solo), 27.5 sacks, one interception, 10 fumble recoveries, four forced fumbles and 16 passes defensed in 143 career games (113 starts).

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You can check out at this link every video of Cory Redding from his time with the Colts and before his time with the Colts!! The Big Boss Man he is!!




PS. I'm guessing this ought to do it for me and this blog because you should be able to come back and check the link above for any future videos of Cory Redding as they may come available. Also the link below

for photos of Cory Redding.





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