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Trade Wide Receiver For Offensive Lineman



Obviously, I'm not a GM of any professional sports franchise, but I do have a suggestion or at least a thought :)


With our depth at wide receiver, why not trade one of these guys... Duron Carter, Quan Bray or Griff Whalen for offensive line depth. It seems that there are several teams with a need at wide receiver and we definitely have depth issues on the offensive line, particularly at guard.


What are your thoughts fellow Colts fans? :thmup: or :thmdown:


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I like the idea, but don't think in theory it would work.  The receivers you mentioned wouldn't get anything for trade any better than guys who will likely be cut. The other thing is we need the WRs because Johnson is getting up in age and Moncrief or Dorsett are no guarantees.


Honestly, what I hope happens is Mewhort goes back to LG and we either start Reitz, pick up a guy, or even Good at point this season. I am really impressed with Good.  Not only his is big and powerful but he has excellent feet.

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Here's a thought.  How about trading a TE for an OL?  Jack Doyle has apparently beaten out Dwayne Allen to be opposite Coby Fleener.  Allen looked uninterested in training camp when I saw him. Never seemed to go full speed and really loafed between plays and between drills.  There are a couple of teams out there who are really hurting for a TE.  We might be able to get a starting OL for him.  Ever think about our options if Costonzo goes down?  I'd also like to see Mewhort back at LG.  He was on his way to becoming one of the best IMHO.

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if the colts were to make a trade, id like to see moncrief traded for cam channcelor. i really like moncrief but a safety of channcelors caliber would not come cheap. he would give wilson a much needed deep threat target and we get a back end stud.

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