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  1. Losing can become a habit. You never want to tank games. Besides, if we lost our last 2, what are the chances that Pagano would have been signed again? We could be facing another complete rebuild again.
  2. This is going to be a tough first round guess on the Colts anyway. We can go so many directions. We need a young franchise RB like Elliott, or a #2 CB, or a young safety, or an OLB. We have 2 potential FA TEs on our roster too. If we let one leave, do we spend a first-rounder on the top TE? Not sure I would get OL in first, but definitely 2nd and/or 3rd.
  3. Joe Reitz is my favorite Colt, because he spent several years as our sixth man on the OL and a very good one. He was always a security blanket for us when one of the starters went down. He kept working and finally got his starting spot. That being said, if we can draft somebody who is better as a RT, then I'm all for moving Reitz back to his "first off the bench" roll. He's a darn sight better than bringing in that no-talent Khaled Holmes. Holmes needs to go. He comes in and gets our QBs hurt and kills any run game we've established. Rodney Harrison was much improved this season over hi
  4. Khaled Holmes' problem isn't mental, it's physical. He's just not NFL caliber. Everytime he goes in the game I see him being pushed into the backfield or his man running around him to make a play on our side of the line of scrimmage. He went in for Thornton after Gore had been having some success running the ball and our running game was zilch after the change. Holmes would be the first player I'd jettison.
  5. I warned last year that if we did not address the OL, we were in danger of turning Luck into Tim Couch. Pagano publicly said after our fiasco against the Pats last year that he and Grigson got the message that we must upgrade both lines. I like the additions of Anderson and Parry, but we really did little to improve OL.
  6. If we manage to beat Tennessee, we have the Pats next. At best, a 1-3 record. Would I be crazy to point out that Pagano and Grigson are not the only ones that Irsay has yet to sign to new contracts. Could Luck also be hanging on his performance this year?
  7. Chud probably misled Grigs and Pagano into trading for Richardson. Then we hired him.
  8. Grigson blew two first round picks in four years. Dorsett is fast but we do not know yet how good he will be. If he does not make a significant contribution to the franchise Grigs will be two for five on first rounders. That kind of record turns you into the Browns very quickly.
  9. If Dorsett doesn't pan out BIG, Grigson should be gone as well. I'm a Purdue man and really have been backing Grigs, but he's made some monumental errors on 1st rounders and as a result has depleted this team's upper echelon talent. That's not to say he hasn't had some good draft picks as well, but Trent Richardson, Werner, and I think he was here when the decision to get rid of Jerry hughes was made. He's done a nice job of bringing in veterans, but they are usually stop-gap 1 or 2 year solutions.
  10. Pep is part of the problem, but nobody seems to give Luck much grief for the way the O is and has been playing. Everyone talks about Luck's talent level and how he is the best young QB in the league. It's year 4. He needs to step up. Brady and Rothlisberger won SB as rookies. Maybe he hasn't had the supporting cast he's needed yet, but from a skill position standpoint, he can't complain too much about his weapons. I'll be the first to admit that the OL is far from the NFL's best and I think that goes right to the GM and Head Coach. They apparently think they can coach 5th and 6th rounde
  11. This guy may have a point, but my question is why do NFLteams not have OL coaches who just handle teaching technique? They pay QBs and left tackles millions of dollars a year and can't spring a few extra bucks for a technique coach? Hard to believe that is the case.
  12. Let's hope the oaching staff doesn't do what they did with Holmes' high ankle sprain last year. Sit him out for most of the season, then bring him back at a different position. Never could figure out why it took so long to get Holmes back at OC last year.
  13. Let's not forget that Grigson and Pagano were handed Andrew Luck. He was a no-brainer (almost-there are a few teams who always seem to mess up those kind of opportunities). The main reason we are perennial AFC South champs is because we are the only team with a top QB. I think Werner may be a pretty good player, but he's probably in the wrong system. He's more of a 4-3 DE IMHO. Reminds me of Jerry Hughes who was tried under the wrong system when Polian drafted him. Both Pagano and Grigson stated at the end of last season that they really took those lopsided losses to heart and that they
  14. Weren't most of those wins in the year when Ariens was at the helm subbing for Pagano? Despite the expenditure of draft picks and free agents, I don't think our offense has been as explosive since Ariens left. I'm a Purdue man and have been rooting for Grigson to succeed, but he has really made some poor draft decisions. It's too early to critcize him for Dorsett, but Richardson, Werner, Donald Thomas, Hetward-Bey, etc. were some really bad moves. He's had some good ones too, but it's a mixed bag and a couple of his misses really hurt this team. We have been losing to those good teams bec
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