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A look back ( and ahead) Offensive line and offense summary



T- Castonza had a solid season, not sure if he will ever make elite...Justice was decent, Linkenbach is adequate-short term

G- Reitz, missed more time than he played, is solid when healthy, McGlynn is adequate, Linkenbach is more capable, inside

C- Satale missed quite a few games, Shipley filled in , more than adequatly

next year: I think this is the only and most dire hole on the team and needs a major upgrade, there are no front line players and only 1 that can even be viewed as having that potential ( Castonza) one plus could be the oft injured Ijilana, who some felt had more upside when he was drafted that Castonza. Reitz, Linkenbach, Justice and Olsen are all free agents, not sure any are locks to be back, Linkenbachs versatility and price tag are both appealing

summary: Luck is a legend waiting to happen, or has it already....the weapons are plenty, talented and young and will only get better, Allen and Fleener weren't fully utilized and that will change, Hilton has play maker written all over him, Ballard has been called a poor mans Edgerrin James and has looked very good, once the O-line is solidified, the offense can be one of the best in the league and the potential ( soon) to be at the top


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I would think Reitz with his basketball background (footwork) would be a better fit at LT but seems like G is his position. Hope Ijalana makes it back as you said some had him as a better upside than AC.

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AQ Shipley did a great job. He's a keeper IMO. Reitz is soft, Ijalana has already missed his first two years as he was drafted with Costanzo, Justice did really good but is too injury prone. Link is a keeper definantly. Hes put in his time and paid his dues at least to be our top backup. IMO we get vasquez on F/A from the Chargers, draft Johnathon Cooper and maybe pull in Vollmer and call it an off-season. as far as the O-line goes. Drift into dreamland: Clady doesnt get tagged and signs with us....oooh and..we steal DeCastro from Pittsburgh...

LT Clady

LG Vasquez

C  DeCastro

RG Cooper

RT Costanzo

....( fluffing my pillow and drooling in my sleep).....

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Castonzo was 3rd in the NFL with 11 sacks allowed.

Most LT`s had 3-6.

Levi Brown & M Oher led with 11.5.

Noone else had 10.

Jake Long had 7.

Justice was adequate as a pass blocker, often giving up ground/allowing pressure, and we were poor running to the right. He is a NO. JMO

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thanks for the input, stats are stats, not sure sacks allowed are totally on 1 player, but at the same time, somewhat telling, seemed like the run blocking got better as the year went on, the pass blocking was pretty weak all year, I know some of that is the constant turnover in the starting unit, as I said I feel it is an area that needs significant upgrade

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